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shaking headGiving a nod of approval or shaking your head in disbelief does more than tell others what you’re thinking. Nodding your head makes you more confident in your thoughts, whether positive or negative, according to recent research.

In the study at Ohio State University, subjects were told they were testing headphone sound quality, particularly during movement such as dancing or jogging.  Study participants were told to either nod their head up and down or shake it side to side while listening to a taped program that included music and an editorial.

They then rated the headphone sound quality, and shared their opinion about the music and editorial. Head movement did affect whether they agreed with the editorial, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think. Nodding your head up and down tells yourself that you have confidence in your own thoughts, regardless of whether those thoughts are positive or negative. On the other hand, shaking your head no reduces your confidence in your own thoughts.

Need to gain confidence before speaking to a crowd? Nod your head up and down while you affirm, “I am prepared with the right information for my audience. I successfully answer any questions or concerns.”

Have something wonderful occur and catch yourself re-playing it in your mind? Nod up and down!

Being aware of such influences allows us to better understand our own thought processes. Smile and nod if you agree.


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  1. Oh yes! As motivational speakers we are on the constant lookout for this EXACT kind of information! I read this a while ago and thought WOW! And then I promptly FORGOT about it! So thank you so very much for sharing the information with us here on this blog.  So picture me here, please, nodding my head up and down while I repeat, "I have a great memory. I have a great memory. I have a great memory!"

  2. Very cool Colette! I always heard that women nod more than men – and that women nod out of encouragement for the other person talking. I heard men don't do that. They don't nod unless they agree with what you are saying – and even then. I am an avid nodder. Probably too much nodding. Probably makes the other person sea sick. You could probably accuse me of nodding off.  In fact, now that I think about it, I am quite sure I am a bobble head. 

  3. Great info Colette!  It makes me think of the "smile muscles" that make you feel more positive even if you don't feel like smiling.  The brain is easily influenced by our actions isn't it?  I'm nodding and smiling at that thought!

  4. *nod nod*  I knew the mind/body connection was powerful,  now you have given me research-ific proof.  I love this and am going to apply it instantly with Becket whenever he says "Mama, I can't do that!"    And I'll start with myself right now… "Self.  You are going to have an amazingly productive day!" *nod nod*

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