Service is Not a One-Size Fits All

Stress-less-speaker-Colette-CarlsonThe blinking light greets me as I walk into my latest hotel room, and I’m faced with a decision. You see, as a motivational speaker, it’s not uncommon for the meeting planner to leave you a message. Perhaps the sound check time has changed or they want you to have their contact info on site. Sure, most have your cell number, but perhaps it was misplaced or this was simply more convenient in the moment. And since I want to serve my customer, I quickly check the hotel voice mail.

“Hello this is the (hotel employee), and I’m calling to insure that everything in your room is to your satisfaction. If there is anything you need to make your stay with us more comfortable, please let us know.”

Here’s what you need to know: LEAVE ME ALONE!

I get it. They’re trying to reach out and make a connection, give me, the customer, an opportunity to ask for what I need or complain so they can fix it immediately. But for me they’re simply adding to my workload. I have to waste time listening to their typical message drone on before being able to delete in order to eliminate a never-ending blink.

Now perhaps if the message said, “Thank you for staying with (hotel name). Call down to room service for your complimentary bottle of wine and chocolate dipped strawberries,” I’d be singing a different tune.

I’m a big girl and if I need something, I’ll ask. After all, it’s a core principle I share in all my programs.  So what am I saying? Not all of our customers are the same. And the best way to find out what someone wants or how they want to be served is to ask.  After all, not everybody would choose wine and strawberries either.


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  1. Spot on my friend! Motivational speakers spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. And your message is exactly right. And to add to that….

    When you leave me a recorded message, it falls into that category of something you do for everybody. And it goes from personal to that voice mail feel. Kind of like when you call your phone company and don't get a human on the line, but get a recorded message. Recorded messages aren't really personal.  I agree that if they were giving me chocolate-covered strawberries, I might be singing a different tune. But only because I was pleased they were giving me something I didn't expect – something of value.

    I know that hotels don't have time to call everyone personally – and it's hard to deliver quality service without doing things like recorded messages and printed one-size-fits-all notes on your pillow. But it still doesn't change the truth. Just because it's really hard to stand up and stick out in a crowded market – doesn't change the importance of doing so.

    Thanks for sharing Colette!

  2. See, this is what really great motivational speakers and professional observers do (Yes, I gave you a title): They OBSERVE things and comment on them right out loud. And then WE, who read their comments, go, "ME TOO!!! I've had that experience!!!"  Thank you, Colette for saying what I have thought to myself for a long, long time!

  3. I love your honesty "Leave me alone!"  This is great.  Some hotels get it right – like La Paloma in Arizona.  This was over 10 years ago and I still remember it.  This beautiful resort surprised me with a LIVE voice for my wake-up call.  "Good morning Ms. Sherman.  It's 62 degrees outside and this is your 6:30 wake up call. Would you like me to call you back in 15 minutes?"  A human snooze alarm!!!  I loved it!  What a great way to start my day – and as a motivational speaker, I'm always looking for creative ways to wake up happy! 

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