Scales Measure Weight, Not Worth

Your Weight is Not Your WorthDecades after getting a grip on my compulsive over-eating, there are still days I must remind myself that scales measure weight, not worth. Yesterday was one of those days.

It all began with a pair of jeans I slipped on for a night out. Less than a year ago, I felt sexy and healthy in these jeans, but now dumpy and frumpy were better descriptors.  And, when I feel this way, my frustration leads me to want to eat raw….cookie dough. But rather than fall into old patterns, I knew it was better to face the truth. The truth is, I am making solid, healthy food choices and making it a point to move my body. It’s also the truth that I’ve been enjoying my weekend (okay, and some weekday) cocktails and choosing more carb-loaded menu items while on the road speaking. I’ve also been indulging in those little chocolates that appear religiously at every woman’s conference. The truth is, my body at this age simply doesn’t need as many calories to keep going as it did in years past.

But it’s also the truth that my self-worth has nothing to do with the numbers on a scale. When I originally took off the 50 lbs. of emotional weight I carried, my success came from choosing to see my value — choosing self-acceptance and compassion, rather than disgust, judgment and shame. And, the same is true for all of us. We are all worthy of greatness, no matter the shape or size of our bodies or bank accounts. Some days, we just need a reminder.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder Colette!  Being obsessed with numbers, I recently (last month) stopped looking at the number. I still weigh in and get the results – (how much did I lose if any this week) but I don't want to know the number.  I attach way too much power in that number and I don't need to carry around extra shame, guilt or frustration.  Thanks for a great post!

  2. Thank you, Colette, for jumping right into the heart of what the majority of women in our society struggle with – equating our worth to the number on the scale. One thing that helps me when I fall into this trap, is picturing people looking over my coffin when I'm dead. I am convinced that there won't be one person peeking in at me saying, "Oh, Kelly, I just loved her to pieces. She was kind, she made me laugh…..It's just a shame she could never lose that last twenty pounds."

  3. Halleluja to that message, Colette! As a motivational speaker on health and wellness my emphasis is about eating healthy and moving more to improve the numbers on the inside (LDL,HDL, etc) and not obsess about the numbers on the outside (lbs. and inches).  I know plenty of large women who are healthy and strong and happy with themselves and plenty of thin women who aren't healthy, aren't strong and are very unhappy with themselves.  Thank you for your wise words of caring for our bodies with love!

  4. Colette yes yes yes! I shared this one already because I think it's a message that all women need to hear. Many motivational speakers talk about it – but YOU bring a personal experience with it that resonates really loudly for me and for a lot of women, I imagine. Thank you for the really important reminder!

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