Saying No To Things You Simply Do Not Want To Do

I was reading Cheri Britton’s blog post today and I wanted to share it with you since I share anything that makes me say “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Her blog is about saying she’d do something she really didn’t want to do. She makes a really good point about how we should analyze the reasons we say “yes” to commitments. As a motivational speaker, I talk a lot about life balance and effective time management. We know we’re busy. We know we only have a limited amount of time in a day. And we know what our priorities are. Don’t we? One way that you can get balance back into your life, is to analyze the reason you say “yes” to something. If you say yes for the wrong reasons – then perhaps it shouldn’t be a “yes.” If you say yes you’ll bake 30 cupcakes for school tomorrow just because you don’t want somebody to be mad at you – you should rethink your yes. If you say yes to something that will take you away from higher priorities – then you should reexamine your yes. If you say “no” when you really wanted to say yes, because you think you won’t be good enough – then you should reexamine your no. Take a look at why you accept or reject opportunities. It might help you decide whether you should say yes or no. Here’s Cheri’s blog post. Enjoy!


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  1. EXCELLENT reminder, Kelly!  I think I’m guilty of this. I really do.  I mean, as a motivational speaker, I encourage people to stand up and say “no” more often, but I’m just NOT so sure I am as good at this as I could be.  I’m pretty darned good, but there are a couple of very specific people with whom I’m not so good – YET. 

  2. Sometimes saying “no” to someone is saying “yes” to yourself.  I love that!  Thanks Kelly.

  3. Well, you know I am passionate about this subject since my very first motivational speech was entitled, “Yes, I can Say No!” You can’t have balance without boundaries and the only way I got my act together is by learning to say no. Doesn’t mean I still don’t deal with the feelings of letting others down, but I’d rather speak my truth and stay healthy. Great article — great truths.

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