Running club for the homeless? Yes and so much more


Anne Mahlum starts a running club for homeless - and it takes off!

Anne Mahlum starts a running club for homeless – and it takes off!

Anne Mahlum was a runner in Philadelphia who happened to run by a group homeless men everyday. Glances toward her turned into a greeting which turned to funny banter until one day she stopped and invited them to run with her. I was blown away by her story and after watching her acceptance speech for CNN's Heroes award ceremony; I already want to start doing more to change the world. She said, "Where did we go wrong where treating others whether they are homeless, black, white, rich or poor, with anything less than respect and kindness is heroic?" (Watch her clip here: CNN Hero Acceptance speech)

Isn't that the mark of a good motivational speaker? When they are done speaking, you are inspired to do more with your life to make the world a better place.  

There are so many reasons I love Anne's story. She took two things that normally people wouldn't put together and she is changing the world. Running and people in the homeless population.  She also started as one person with a dream and started a movement. The fact that she is so young doesn't go unnoticed with this 50-year old. You're never too young or too old to change the world. 

 I encourage you to watch her TedX Austin talk and get inspired like I did.  Anyone want to go running?

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  1. I will go watch the video – but in the meantime, I just very impressed that she found a way to help others – just by paying attention and doing what she could. I'll watch the video now – but in the meantime, thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Read this inspirational blog, watched the video and all I can say is WOW! I'm blown away how the power of empathy, listening to one's truth and taking action can create so much greatness in th world. Beautiful story.

  3. I remember hearing her story and being so impressed how she took a single encounter and grew it into a program that helps so many in need.  Thanks for linking her talk for all of us motivational speakers to grow from!

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