Resolution Solution: Four Uncomfortable Areas of Fitness

Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys working out.  You sweat, you get thirsty, your sweaty workoutmuscles get tired, you might even cramp up.  But here’s the good news!  All those uncomfortable signals are your body’s way of telling you that you are

  1. Burning excess calories!
  2. Building a healthy heart!
  3. Getting stronger muscles!
  4. Crosstraining for total body conditioning!

In order to understand what area of exercise will get you to your goal the most efficiently let me break it down into four areas of  fitness.

Cardiovascular – Heart health. Efficient exchange of oxygen on a cellular level.  Any activity that will increase your heart rate enough that will make you sweat.  It can happen in short spurts or it can be a sustained elevation for 20 minutes or more.  My Story:  I finally got up the nerve to join a hole-in-the-wall gym back in 1982 when all there was was high impact aerobics.  One song was all knee lifts. One song all kicks.  I loved it!  There’s no way I could do that now but boy did it hook me! Benefit: Energizer bunny stamina.  Keep up with your kids, grandkids, or walking the streets of New York!

Strength – The #1 reason for admittance to an assisted living facility is because you cannot get up out of a seated position without help.  Do squats every day!!! A student in my Monday night TRX class was so happy to report that she was able to take down the Christmas boxes from the attic without her husband’s help.  That’s what it’s all about people!!  Functional strength.  Stay independent longer!  Work your muscles until they are totally fatigued and then give them a day of rest to repair and rebuild stronger. Benefit: Independence

Flexibility – Have you seen an old man shuffle down the street or a big “muscle head” body builder not be able to reach the back of his head to brush his (thinning ) hair?  Lack of flexibility reduces the quality of our life in major ways.  Is 5 minutes a day too much to ask? Benefit: Big range of motion and freedom of movement.

Balance – The #1 reason for admittance to the Emergency Room from an Assisted Living Facility is a fall that results in broken bones.  Balance and flexibility are more important than cardiovascular and strength as we age, if you ask me.  Stand on one foot as you brush your teeth or peel a carrot over the sink.  Benefit: Great balance, no falling, no bruises or broken bones.

So let’s shift our thinking about the uncomfortabless about working out and revel in our soreness,  our thirst, our fatigue and our sweat knowing that we are improving our physical health and improving the quality of our lives.






Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford didn’t always know the phytochemical benefits of kale, in fact, those words weren’t even in her vocabulary 30 years ago. Neither did she see any reason to do jumping jacks on a cement surface for an hour. But all it took was a chance vegetarian cooking class and some high-energy music to open her eyes upon a whole new world of healthy living. For 30 years Polly has practiced, studied, taught, educated and lived a healthy lifestyle that makes her such a powerful speaker.

Polly’s down-to-Earth and humorous approach mirrors her own lifelong journey to lasting, positive changes. The audience walks away with tangible plans for improving their health and their lives through food, fitness and fun.
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  1. Polly, I was just about to blow off my workout for today and then your blog came in! My body thanks you.

  2. I like the article, but the opening is completely false in my opinion. I love working out. I believe there are many people that acually do enjoy working out. Just an opinion. :)


    And it's not just the results they produce. The whole process. Thanks!

    • Hi Shawn ~ Here’s a little secret: I love working out too but I wrote that opening a: for shock value and b: to appeal to a bigger audience than you and me to draw them in!  I so appreciate your conviction to comment!

  3. Okay – you got me every time you said the word, BENEFIT:  It was like you are speaking right to me! Heading out for a cardiovascular WALK! Thanks, Polly!

  4. Time to renew my hot pilates gym membership!  Thanks Polly – Like Colette, I was about to blow off my workout.  Not now!

  5. What a great way to take those pains and relish them as proof that what I'm doing works, instead of proof that I hate what I'm doing. You rock Polly!

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