Press Pause to Play!

Thanks for your comments on my last blog post The Power of The Pause.  I had intended it to remind us (and me!) to breathe, to pause and collect ourselves before getting agitated.

However breathing and pausing can in come in so many ways.

Last weekend I pressed pause so I could play.  I spent a wonderful weekend with my girlfriends at a Dude Ranch in Texas.  I left a cloud of to do’s behind that visually might look like Pig Pen’s…then hopped a horse and created my own dust cloud of fun.

Instead of hitting fast forward when I came home, I enjoyed cuddling on the couch with my honey as we watched the DVR’d Academy Awards.  A fantastic commercial came on.  No, not quite the laugh out loud Super Bowl style commercials, but a sign of the times.  A woman uses a Swifter to clean her kitchen floor, and flashes back to how much time she used to spend mopping her floor tediously.  She exclaims joyously:  “Wow I just saved myself 10 minutes.  I’m going to go have tea on the porch!”  The commercial ends with her smiling on her porch sipping tea sitting next to her son. How refreshing rather than watching her jam and cram in MORE.

We are always striving to be more productive, more efficient, save time, get more done.  I invite you to consider the next time you save time, Pause.  Don’t fast forward on to the next task.  Take time to connect with your loved ones, or perhaps more importantly the person that’s been there since the beginning:  you.


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  1. So true, Colette. I don’t want to spend my life furiously mopping and dreaming of curling up with a good book and a box of chocolates – only to get to that place when I can finally curl up and have chocolates, and find I can no longer see and the doctor won’t let me have chocolate. I think that’s the beauty of motivational speakers – we come in and remind people that life is short. Thank you for reminding me Colette. I think I’ll go have some chocolate now.

  2. So many years ago, before I even thought of becoming a motivational speaker on health and wellness, an older woman who I was cooking Macrobiotic meals for, handed me this poem about taking pause in yet another busy day to quiet your mind instead of rushing off to do the next task. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat and how much you exercise, it’s also the quiet, meditative moments that nourish. Thank you for the reminder Colette!

  3. Oh yes oh yes oh yes, Colette. I needed to hear this. Somehow I think that as a motivational speaker I’m supposed to be in high gear all the time. Running around like a crazy person accomplishing sooooo much. I’m going to finish this script and then consciously press Pause to Play. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Love your post Colette! I just used it today when I decided NOT to attend a networking event here in Las Vegas tonight. I have a lot on my plate as do most motivational speakers I know. And, the event isn’t until tonight – but the thought of all the effort to get ready and go was causing me so much undo anxiety, I just decided not to go so I could relax and focus on what’s here in front of me. For me, a pause in plans made all the difference for me today. Thanks for the reminder!

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