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Today in Northern New Jersey in the middle of winter it is 53 degrees.  It feels like spring and the snow is nearly melted away.  Tomorrow the weather forecast tells us it will drop to 3.   There are winter ice warnings and schools and businesses are already reporting closings because of dangerously low temperatures.

Everywhere I look people are preparing; sidewalks & driveways cleared of the last snow, provisions stocking the cupboards, and outdoor athletes getting in their last workout for a while.  Even as a motivational speaker, I know my positivity cannot outpower nature – It's going to be a rough week.  

We are lucky we have the forecast to help us prepare for the storm.  Life is not so predictable.   

Is there something you can be doing in your life now to stay ahead of the curve? 

Why wait until April – get your taxes organized now.  Don’t shove another unused item into that overstuffed closet, take two hours and clear it out and donate or sell the things you don’t use.  Start a long-term savings account – you might even qualify for a ROTH account – today!  And for goodness sake, if you are a woman and have not had a mammogram, schedule your smoosh now. 

If you tackle one task early, NOW, it will free up not only your physical time later, but also the mental time you would spend thinking/ worrying about it in the future.

And that saved time can be used for snugging in under a warm throw, instead of out battling the cold!



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  1. I once heard someone say, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst."  Makes sense. I was sitting in a banking conference once while they talked about risk management and all the things the bank can do to manage risks. It made me wonder what I'm doing in my own life to manage risks? No, we can't predict everything that's coming, but we can guess what might come. We might get sick and not be able to work. We might have something go wrong with the house that is very expensive to fix. We might not have the same people around our dining room table next year.  Thank you, Tami, for your words of wisdom and the gentle reminder to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 

  2. GREAT reminder, Tami! Probably one I need right this second if I just stop long enough to think about it. Motivational speakers LIVE on optimism and a belief that everything will all work out forl the best. That's great – but it's also good to know I can increase the odds things WILL work out for the best if I do a little bit of upfront planning and preparation. Thanks for this one Tami!

  3. Great post Tami. And, I'm glad you didn't say we only have 340 days until Christmas!!!

  4. Seriously? Two days ago I just got the email that I'm "divorced and single". Are you my supportive angel Miss Tami?  Big issues that are lovingly timed.  Big hugs.

  5. Polly, congrats. Tami, great article. Was smooshed last week!

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