Pining for a Remote Island with No Internet Service

She’s right. Dang it – she’s RIGHT!  Okay, there I said it!  Motivational speaker, Tami Evans told me what I already know… and passionately am trying to not know.  It’s about all the different social medial “options” out there and the importance of jumping on the train that is seriously leaving the station.  But she says it in a way that I can get it – and actually imagine myself getting adept at all this stuff.  Well maybe not adept – just not crying so much as I try to figure out where my tweet went, who screwed up the Facebook format, exactly WHAT a Google+ account is and why my stock is dropping on Empire Avenue.   See if you agree:


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  1. Just read that social media jobs are the fast rising employment ops in the tech industry. And highest paid.

  2. Thanks for sharing Linda! And I’m glad to know that motivational speakers aren’t the only ones frustrated. It spans across the board. And actually we are ahead of the game! Can you believe it?

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for your link to Tami’s site! The way she writes her tech message was just the slap in the face I needed to embrace all of this social media. All aboard!

  4. So listening between the lines it sounds to me like you all buy into the notion that these newfangled computers and the internet thingy are here to stay? If so, it looks like my choices are to go look for the Remote Island with No Internet Service (and live off the land) or I can jump on the train.

    I gotta go… I’ve got a train to catch.

    Thanks Linda!

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