Pick Up a Pen – Shed The Pounds

If you are trying to lose weight, here’s a way that could help!

A study with 1700 Kaiser Permanente participants found that the ones who kept daily food diaries lost twice as much weight, or more, as those who didn’t keep a tally of their meals. Everyone adopted the program of healthy eating and moderate exercise, but those who kept the diary were the big winners… um…. losers.

I am watching this theory being put to the test in my home right now.  My husband, in an effort to shed the pounds he has gained the last year or so, started writing down EVERY single morsel that he eats every day – along with the calorie count of each item.  Here’s what has happened:

  • He has become VERY aware of how much food he used to eat without even thinking about it.  He estimates some days he might have eaten almost 3 times the amount of calories as was appropriate for a man his size.
  • He has become much more conscientious of the quality of foods he eats.
  • He realized he could eat a LOT of fruits & veggies for the same amount of calories in one piece of pie
  • He has lost about 12 pounds so far – and says it hasn’t been difficult!

Now I DO believe that if I just eat really great quality foods comprised mostly of vegetables, fruits, beans & nuts, etc, that I will maintain a healthy weight.  But I’m thinking that for some people this system could not only make them more aware of their “mindless” eating habits, but it could also jumpstart their whole weight loss program.

Oh, did you know that one half cup of tuna salad (tuna, hard boiled eggs, a small amount of mayo, chopped celery & a little pickle relish) on a whole wheat flat bread, with crisp romaine lettuce and a slice of tomato is a mere 270 calories?  And YUMMY!

From your motivational speaker, Linda Larsen, bound and determined to stay lean and happy for a long, long time!



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  1. If you bite it, write it!  

  2. Marilyn, you beat me to it! As a former Weight Watcher leader “If you bite, write it”  was one of my mantras. In fact I know I’m in a wacky place when I think I want to shed some lbs, but won’t write down what I’m eating. It’s a tell-tale sign that I don’t really want to make it happen and am just “should-ing” on myself. Great post, Linda. Need to go write something down!

  3. I hate writing it down and crunching the numbers BUT it is essential to do to really understand how much (or little) you’re eating and become crystal clear about your choices!  Once John does this for a good period of time, sees the results he wants, feels better from these results, then he’ll be able to go it alone and maintain his success!!  Go John go!

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