Pack Your Bags! Adventure is Calling!

christmas day 10 033As a motivational speaker on stress management, I talk a lot about taking yourself OUT of an environment that is causing you stress and going to some place, any place, that makes you go "Ahhhhhhh."  And for me, it's a couple of places but maybe the best one is my backyard where the rule is "first one into the hammock wins." I can sip a cup of coffee, watch the fish jump in our little lake and be surrounded by happy doggies and chirping birdies. 

And then I read a really intriguing blog post by Lisa Powell entitled, Living the Life of a Gypsy Dream – and it got me to thinking that maybe I needed to open up my horizons! If I can relax in my backyard, why can't I relax in Australia? Or Bali? Or Chile! Okay so maybe the travel is a little laborious – but what a HUGE payoff when you get to your destination! Go read her blog! I just bet it may whet your appetite for a little more adventure!

Bora Bora anyone?



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  1. How about Philly?  I can't wait to hang out with some of my FAVORITE motivational speakers – we need that bonding time….at least I know I do. Hanging with my girls makes me go 'aaaaaahhhhh'. No Frenchie's allowed!  I just read your blog after reading Colette's blog and I'm excited about time with people I really care about.

  2. This has sealed the deal for me to make concrete plans to get to Italy!  There's only so many years a dream can last so I thank you for inspiring me to nail down the hows and the whens!

  3. As someone who is catching up on reading blog posts following a vacation, I say GO! It's too easy to stop ourselves from taking off, or rather, it's too easy for me. I tell myself I'm so behind, I've got girls in college, I need a new crown, blah, blah, blah. Boy am I glad I didn't listen to that lunatic and just left. GO! Thanks for the inspiration and advice, Linda. Bora Bora is on the list.

  4. Bora Bora – yes please!!!  Actually traveling with this gang would be a blast!  Perhaps a motivational speaker world tour?!?  Great reminder to get out and get our Gypsy on, Linda

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