Now THAT’S What I Call Customer Service! Rock On Enterprise!

We have been Enterprise Plus customers for a while now. I don’t know if we’re valuable customers – but as a motivational speaker, we travel a lot, rent cars a lot – and I’d like to think that every customer is valuable.

But we started to feel not so valuable. We would go to the trouble to rent a car online, in advance, stating exactly which category we wanted, and paying in advance. Why? To save time and money, and make the in person experience faster and more efficient. But we found ourselves showing up and not getting the car we asked for – feeling like the process was starting when we walked in, instead of in advance, making us wonder why we bothered to go to the advance trouble – and waiting as they cleaned a car they should have already prepped for us. The final straw was when we showed up at a local Enterprise office, luggage in tow, ready to pick up our car, only to find they didn’t have the one we ordered available – anywhere. No, we couldn’t pick a smaller size, we had a car full of product to carry. We ended up having to take our own car and it was a major hassle. And to top it off, the sales person acted like she could have cared less, and would rather get back to her novel. So we decided never to use them again. Because when we don’t even get the basics that you promise, we take our loyalty somewhere else.

So we started using “anybody but Enterprise” which worked really well. But there were a couple of times when I was forced to use Enterprise because I didn’t have a choice, or we chose a third party who didn’t give us the option. And, lo and behold (yes, I will not let that phrase die) I had a pleasant experience with Enterprise. And then I had another one – rather exceptional I should say. I started to not dislike them so much.

Well it just happened again – we ended up with Enterprise. We show up and they don’t have the car ready and we sat there for fifteen minutes waiting for them to prep a car they had known for at least 24 hours that we were picking up. I felt my blood pressure rise, and my fingers itch to blog about another customer service experience gone bad. But before I could, I get a phone call from Enterprise. A personal phone call from the manager, apologizing for the fifteen minutes I had to wait. WOW. And then he went on to say that he knows our time is valuable, and that we shouldn’t have had to wait that long. And he apologized again. DOUBLE WOW. And then he said that he was going to credit us $15, a dollar for every minute we had to wait, and that we would see the credit on our bill. TRIPLE WOW. I hung up the phone and was speechless.

And THAT is how customer service is done. And now I want to tell everybody how much I love Enterprise. And I want to show all the other vendors out there, and people lobbying for my business, how great customer service isn’t so much about being perfect, as it is in making up for the moments when you aren’t. Thank you Enterprise for setting a good example of how I want to run my business.

Now if you could just have that car ready when I get there. :)



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  1. Yes, Kelly, if I was in business, I surely wouldn’t want to tick off a motivational speaker. We have the ears of sooooooo many people in the world.  We really DO live with a lot of transparency these days.  EVERYONE is watching!  So good for Enterprise for coming through for you!


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