Nobody Owes You Free Advice

Today's post is going to sound snarky, but it needs to be said.

First, let me say that I do believe in giving back. I do believe that women are stronger when we link arms, leverage our talents and gifts, and serve without expecting anything in return.

But….I also believe….

You don't deserve free advice. Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. You call it free advice, but it's anything but free.  The advice giver is sharing what it took her YEARS to learn – by experience – the hard way. Time is money. When someone gives you their time, that is costing them money. It is costing them time away from their business. It is costing them time away from their family and their priorities.  You see it as "just a minute" or a "quick question" or "a leisurely lunch."  It is more than that.  So when you ask someone for their time, you need to understand and respect it for the gift it is. 

You would never go out into this world expecting gifts from strangers. Nobody walks into a room on their birthday, and asks who bought them a present. That's rude. And we all know that presents aren't something we expect. They are gifts. You need to see advice in the same way. Nobody owes you their time.

It's still okay to ask for advice. I do it all the time.  But enter into every advice-asking situation with the right perspective. It's a gift. Not something owed to you.

PS  If any of you is reading this and thinking, "Oh my gosh, is she talking about me?"    I'm not. 

Okay. Pipe in ladies. Anything to say on this subject?


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  1. Kelly Swanson, coming from you, this advice is GOLDEN! Why? Because as a brilliantly talented and terrifically funny motivational speaker, you have willingly and lovingly given advice more than any other person I know. So, yes, coming from you, this has extra weight. Thanks SO much for the reminder!!!

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