No, We Are Not There Yet!

Funny-Motivational-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonAccording to three separate studies, two out of three working Americans haven't used all their vacation time. Why? One big reason is the stress many feel following trying to catch up on their workload! As a nation, we’re still not there yet when it comes to recognizing vacations are not a luxury, but a necessity.

Even travel site Orbitz launched a “Take Vacation Back” ad campaign that included a “vacation bill of rights” that has “no vacation day shall go untraveled” on the list. Cynical types might say, “Well, of course they are encouraging people to travel since that’s how they make their money.” Yet, Orbitz is giving you healthy advice by encouraging you to pack your bags and leave tonight. Here’s why this professional speaker agrees:

  1. Down time, play time, sit on your butt and do nothing time will actually improve your productivity. Research shows performance (alertness and reaction times) improves 82% while on vacation, and remains at a 25% higher level after return.
  2. Your sleep quotient goes up. Prior to a vacation most people’s deep sleep quotient is around 6% which is why we’re groggy, irritable and reaching for caffeine. On vacation? Research shows deep sleep increases to 20% and again lasts following your return to reality.
  3. Priceless memories are made. My siblings and I still talk about the times we were shoved in the back seat of a green Country Squire Station Wagon for hours on end as Dad would whip past the only exit for another 89 miles and Mom would pull out the roll of Lifesavers every hour on the hour. Your workload is always going to be there in today’s new normal. The same can’t be said for those you love.

And if you go, leave technology behind to return refreshed, re-invigorated and re-energized! Another study showed just 5 minutes of distraction (checking emails, text messages, voice mail, etc.) took 5 hours to get back to vacation mentality.

On a budget? Choose a Stay-cation instead but stay away from your at home “to do” list.

Perhaps no one will read this blog because instead they are taking advantage of this long weekend and on vacation. If you are, ready, set, GO!


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  1. Wow, I love those statistics Colette!  If that doesn’t  reaffirm the need to unplug nothing does.  I’ll never forget how refreshed I looked, without makeup, on a vacation to the Keys with my family a few years ago.  I felt rested, energized, calm and happy all at the same time.  I need to revisit that feeling.  Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I 100% agree!!! I take one sort-of vacation every year – where we go to the beach for a week. I allow myself the chance to check emails and only respond to those who want to book me. The others wait. That is my down time. But I also take mini-vacations all the time – or rather just an hour here and there to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. And I have found that when I stop working and just goof off – those are the times that creative ideas come to me in spades! It’s like I have to stop to hear the new ideas speaking. Thanks for sharing Colette! 

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Colette!  I needed this!  In fact it makes me think of a blog post that I’m going to write right now!  Yay you!

  4. This is great Colette – especially the part about special memories being made.  I’ll never forget my dad renting a motor home taking the family to South Dakota – yeah!  On the way, my mom kept saying ‘Kids! Look out the window!  Enjoy nature! Enjoy the views!’.  We were playing cards and could care less about the trees and mountains going by!  Now a days, I’m sure parents are saying ‘put down your cell phones! Quit texting and look out the window!’  Ah – family vacations.  Priceless!

  5. Great reminder Colette! It made me smile a little… unfortunately, it wasn’t the happy type of smile… as I realize how often I effectively spin a self-tranquelizing narrative to myself in this domain and how much I need to heed your advice. Thank you!


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