Never Give Up On Your Dream

Diana NyadAs a motivational speaker I’m often blessed to share the stage with individuals who leave me speechless (and you know how challenging that is!) with their determination, discipline and drive. Diana Nyad is such a woman. A record-holding long-distance swimmer, journalist and author, she just became the first person to swim the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

In November 2012, I remember her standing on stage saying she was going to try for a fifth time to complete that crossing. How many of us, after four well-publicized and ultimately unsuccessful attempts toward our lifelong dream, would get back into the cold, jellyfish and shark-infested waters yet again? And at the age of 64, may I add. How incredible when she stepped out of the water and shared three truths: "One is we should never, ever give up. Two, you never are too old to chase your dreams. Three, it looks like a solitary sport, but it's a team."

DianaColette2She said she would attain her goal and she did. Talk about speaking your truth.


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  1. Brilliant, right? What a powerful example of determination and tenacity. She should become a motivational speaker! Oh wait. Maybe she is. You saw her speaking somewhere so I guess it's true. I've seen her speak on camera and she is extremely passionate and inspiring. She certainly is the epitomy of what it takes to push past your own self-imposed limitations and accomplish amazing things. 

  2. Amazing. That's what I love about America. It's FILLED with people like that. Story after story. And each story shared helps another one complete her story. There is room and a need for EVERY story.  I have a new friend and motivational speaker Abby Stephens ( who had an accident and became a paraplegic. The doctors told her she would never walk again. She said "Oh yes I will!" and walked out of that hospital three months later. Simply amazing story of trust and faith. Imagine a word we stood up to every mountain that tried to break us down and said, "Oh yes I will !" I love my job. And I love you ladies.

  3. I think this is so cool!  Not only the story of Diana Nyad, but that you shared the stage with her. Thank you for sharing this. I was reading about her amazing story online and can you believe there are people out there that commented with 'Who cares?' Wow, they so missed the boat on this one.  (pun intended). With all the negative people in this world who sit on the couch and talk negative about anyone trying to make the world a better place, we need motivational speakers like you Colette and the amazing women on this blog to silence the nay-sayers!  Rock on women and keep on swimming despite all those sharks out there!

  4. The human body is meant for movement.  Diana Nyad is a beautiful example of tenacity and physical strength.  Let's keep out bodies moving and experience a more vibrant and amazing life!!  Thanks for sharing this example of iconic strength Colette!

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