Need Help With My New Song On Fear

This is the guitar case I bought for when I take lessons, learn how to play, and buy myself a guitar. Yes, that's kind of how I roll.

Yes, your wacky motivational speaker is now a songwriter. Who knew? I sat down on my front porch the other day, going through the mail, and yelling at my kid not to run in the street, and a poem start running through my head. Weird, I know. Even stranger that the words where coming out in perfect cadence and rhyme. So I ran in the house (suddenly not caring that my son is in the street) and got a pen and right there on the front porch, penned what I am sure are the lyrics to a new song. The fact that I know nothing about writing music does not bother me. Some things you just know. The music will come.

Anyway. It’s on fear. The song is about that moment when you are facing a big step and your palms are sweaty and you are scared to death. You don’t know how it will turn out. You don’t know if you are strong enough. And you are wondering, “What if I fall?” The song starts with wondering and ends with deciding to jump anyway.

And before I put the finishing touches on it, I want to know if I have included all the emotions. So I would love your help. I would love for you to answer any or all of these questions for me:

1. Think of a moment when you were really afraid to take the next step. What were you feeling? What thoughts were running through your mind? What was holding you back?

2. If you didn’t take that step, how does it feel looking back?

3. If you did take the step, how did you push through it? Did the fear go away? Was there something you told yourself? What made you believe enough to do it?

4. And how did it turn out? If it turned out badly, did you regret that you took the step?

5. Any other thoughts you want to add?


Thank you sooooo much. When the song is finished and the music has arrived I will certainly share it with you! After all, you helped write it!


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  1. The only thing that comes to my mind – which is what totally makes me JUMP into the action that I think scares me – is this:  The FEELING I have as I stand there looking at the huge canyon I’m attempting to jump across is the EXACT same feeling I have approaching a roller coaster at the fair (EXCITEMENT) Or going out on stage in front of 6,000 people (EXCITEMENT).  Or being told I just won $10,000,000 in the lottery (EXCITEMENT)  (okay, that hasn’t happened yet, but…)  Its the EXACT SAME FEELING – and I call it EXCITMENT.  I’m just renaming the emotion!   I can call it fear, I can call it terror, I can call it Mabel – I just have to know that what I name the thing – the thing tends to become.   Mark Twain once said, “A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come across one of those intensely right words… the resulting effect is physical, as well as spiritual, and electrically prompt.”   Go Mark.

  2. Thanks Linda! I love the idea of changing the word from “fear” to “excited”. From a negative to a positive. I knew you’d give me something good! :)

  3. Author, children’s author, poet, singer-songwriter, speaker, incredible Mom, wonderful wife, generous friend…. boy the list just keeps getting longer for you Ms. Motivational Speaker Kelly! Love your approach Linda. Last time I was afraid to take a leap it wasn’t about how I would deal with my emotions, but genuine concern for my daughters. There lives would be directly and dramatically affected by my choice. I was afraid to rock their world. I pushed through by asking myself, “What would I want for my daughters if they found themselves in the same situation later in life?” To take the leap. So we did. Like most big decisions that involve some fear, making the choice is the most difficult. Once you own it, the rest is simply following through and going through the process. All is well.

  4. Trust the gut.  Of all the “leaps of faith” moves I’ve made in my life, the ones where I know deep on a gut level that it’s the right thing for me, I come out a taller, happier person.  The times I’ve ignored my gut and made the scary decisions anyway, are the times I’ve come out rumpled, bruised and mad at myself and the world.  Either way makes for the richness that is our life.  

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