My Journey to a Healther Ever After – A New Perspective

For a little background information on my journey to a healthier ever after, you may want to back up and read yesterday's post: (

My nutrition specialist (sounds pretty cool, eh?) told me that I needed to change my perspective on food. Being a motivational speaker, I am all about changing perspective. I do believe that a list of things to do doesn't work half as well as a new habit.  So I'm not really starting a diet, or a fitness regimen, or a schedule to a healthier me (though they are components) – I'm creating a new attitude. And I will write it, speak it, repeat it, memorize it, until it has replaced the old one. It will become my new mantra. And like I always say, "Don't wait until you feel it – fake it before you make it. Act on it, and eventually it will be."  So I am going to act on these words over and over until they become my truth. And here they are (drum roll please):

I've got to stop seeing food as something to be enjoyed, but rather something to feed my body – to help me get where I want. I don't eat for taste. I don't eat for emotion. I eat for sustenance.

I'm learning to look at food in a whole new way. This is radical for me. I was raised on lard. I drool over baked goods. I relish the art of fine dining. Chocolate makes me happy. It doesn't mean I have to eat food that doesn't taste good. Thanks to Polly and this blog, I know that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. One day I will tap back into the dining experience. But for now, food is simply a means to an end. And when tempted to use it for pleasure, I will just find a substitute. Like alcohol. Just kidding. Like maybe a funny TV show, or a good book, or something I enjoy that isn't edible.

Easier said than done, I know. But so is life.

See you at the next step!


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  1. Go, Kelly, go!  Excellent mantra because it reflects your awareness of what food is for our bodies.  Here's a bonus: God gave us a cornicopia of whole, natural, unprocessed foods to nourish ourselves and I promise you that after a time of eating fresh you will come to see this food as the tastiest ever!!  Soon you will indeed be eating for nutrients AND taste!  (Remember that He gave us the cocoa bean too :)

  2. This journey is so in our heads too.  I feel your struggle and I share in your hope!  

  3. Thank you ladies!!!!! Polly, you are a gem. A true gem. Marilyn, your journey inspires me. I watched you make the changes and stick with them diligently. Your hard work showed me that I can do it.  I tell you what is so hard – not what I'm eating – but eating frigging six times a day! Good grief! All I'm doing is planning what I need to eat now, and then what I need to eat next, while writing down what I just ate.  Gggggrrrrrrhhhhh.   

  4. You inspire me! I take good care of my body, then I slip and slide, then get going again. Time to get going again so taking a page from your book. Gotta go get a drink! Just kiddin…I'm here if you need to phone a friend as another diversion.

  5. Well now, Kelly. You see we are ALL of us on this journey with you. We are all at SOME place on this continuum toward living a healthy vibrant life.  Polly is way out in front holding up a very bright light and cheering us on, giving us GREAT information. How fortunate that we have her. Marilyn has been incredibly successful staying with her healthy plan for quite some time now and has a lot to teach us as well. Colette, looking FABULOUS, confesses that she has had struggles over her life with this issue AND that she, like us, "slips and slides." I'm a flipper-flopper, up & downer, on & offer just hoping to soak up enough information to keep me on the right track…MOST of the time. Oh how fortunate that we all have each other and SHARE our journeys!!!

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