My Job with a Capital J

driving texting talkingSometimes I think that as a motivational speaker, my “Job” with a capital “J” may simply be to remind people of things they already know but may have temporarily forgotten. 

I saw a movie recently about a man who, while driving home one night, accidentally hit and killed a man and his daughters.  He wasn’t drinking; he simply was not paying attention to the degree that he should have been.  It was profoundly disturbing.

And then I thought about all the times that I get behind the wheel of my car and do not give the task of driving my full attention.  I remember I pulled up to a stop sign not too long ago, and because I wanted to turn right, only looked to my left to see if any cars were coming.  Then, because there were none, I started to make my right hand turn – only to almost hit a guy on a bicycle who was crossing in front of me.

Let us all be reminded, on a daily basis to take very, very seriously the responsibility of driving a car.  Not only to tune in from the moment we get behind the wheel, but to also minimize the use of cell phones and other electronic devices.  Don't try to discipline your kids from the front seat by turning over your shoulder to talk to them. If you drop something on the floor – let it go.  One careless, mindless second could have devastating consequences. 






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  1. Linda this is timely as I was just lecturing myself yesterday to DIAL IN while driving. I wasn't even texting, talking on the phone or reaching into my purse for chapstick, but simply in my head thinking about an upcoming presentation. Suddenly, the California freeway system decided to come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, I have great brakes so I'll be able to deliver my speech this week!!

  2. So true, Linda.  We take driving for granted – same route we took yesterday – same time – been there done that. But every time we take that trip it is different. We may be the same, but not that situation and everything going on outside of us. And we often take life for granted and fall into a routine where we don't see what's changed right around us. Thank you for the reminder to be in the moment in my life. It's a great message. No wonder you're one of my favorite motivational speakers!  

  3. It makes me wonder how accidents don't happen way more often than they do! I often do "car-eography" on my way to teach an exercise class.  That means I'm defineitely not present behind the wheel.  Thank you, Linda, for this important reminder of protecting our lives and others!

  4. I'll never get tired of hearing messages like this.  It's a great reminder how precious life is and in a split second it can change.  Do we really need to check our Facebook status while at a red light?  I think not.  Thanks for a very important reminder.

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