Polly Pitchford

Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford – Heart-Supporting Fitness and BOATLOADS of Fun

Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford brings fun to living healthyWe all need a jumpstart from time to time – a fresh look at our lifestyle choices that can directly affect our vitality and health.  Enter – motivational speaker  and lifestyle expert, Polly Pitchford!  Polly will not only give your audience members concrete, easy-to-do food and fitness tips that they can start using immediately, but she will show them, in her fun, funny, high-energy way, how to motivate themselves when they feel like caving in to the lure of french fries, the barcalounger and the TV remote.   By the time they leave they will have caught her authentic enthusiasm and passion for luscious, colorful, healthy, life-giving food, easy-to-do, strength-building and heart-supporting fitness, and will have BOATLOADS of fun in the process!

Polly’s journey to her own healthy lifestyle is one that everyone can relate to.  It began 30 years ago when she attended a vegetarian cooking class.   That fortuitous experience resulted in her first attempt at healthy cooking – a tofu banana cream pie that she made for her boyfriend.  As you will hear, the pie was a miserable flop, but the boyfriend was a keeper as she’s married to him today!

Soon thereafter, she was invited to an aerobics class.  As she watched people much older than her out-leap, out-kick and out-grapevine her, she knew instantly she wanted to achieve HER highest level of energy, strength and stamina.  She was hooked.  Jumping in with both feet, Polly quit her job and went to work in a health food deli to learn all the basics of grains and beans, simultaneously becoming a fitness instructor (she knew if she was the instructor – she would have to show up!).

And today, Polly is truly excited about sharing what she has learned with audiences nationwide!  So if you are looking for a motivational speaker who will leave people laughing, thoroughly jazzed about trying on some new healthy choices, and singing YOUR praises for bringing Polly to them – give her a call!

Cool Stuff About Polly You Might Want To Know:

  1. She had her own television show
  2. She was awarded Fitness Instructor of the Year (two years in a row) for the largest chain of women’s gyms in Florida
  3. She was rated number one breakout speaker for a major corporation
  4. She’s published two popular cookbooks.
  5. She has several accredited exercise videos and is certified as a personal trainer,  group exercise, yoga, and pilates instructor and weight management counselor