Tami Evans

Motivational Speaker Tami Evans Puts the Show into Business!

Motivational speaker says Embrace Your Inner Dork!Motivational Speakers can get caught in Times Square with their skirts tucked into their pantyhose, oh yes they can.  It’s how humorous motivational speaker Tami Evans handles it that makes for a hilarious lesson in Embracing Your Inner Dork!

A genuine and funny motivator, Tami Evans is a professional speaker who specializes in quick and useful content with a LOT of humor! She presents at National Conferences, In-Service Days, Meetings, and Lunch and Learns. Her programs are fast paced, interactive, and filled with lots of learning and laughter.   Her programs are popular with clients ranging from Fortune 500 Leaders to Entrepreneurs:

  • Rules for Travel on Life’s Adventure™ (Tips and Tools to make the most of your professional and personal journey)
  • Passport To Excellence™ (Leadership and communication skill building)
  • Put the SHOW into BUSINESS™   (Presentation Polish and Pitch Production)
  • GLOW to Grow™  (Ignite the Power of Gratitude, Laughter, Optimism and Wonder)
  • Embrace Your Inner Dork™ (Developing team and individual confidence, credibility and cohesion)  

Tami is an energetic communicator and performer, with both corporate and independent experience. She holds an MFA, and BAA in Broadcasting Communications, and Theatre.  She firmly believes laughter is a vital part of learning and living.

Awarded TOP 5 New Speakers 2012 by the National Speakers Association, Tami was also recently honored with the distinction “Best Avocado Sandwiches on the Planet” by her young son.

From beautiful Michigan (show me your Hand Map!) Tami now lives just outside New York City. 


The Lennox Women’s Business Council was looking for an exciting and entertaining motivational speaker for our Positively Professional Speaker Series. Tami hit a HOME RUN for us with her “Rules for Travel on Life’s Great Adventures” program. Tami is high energy, funny and truly very original. Tami’s humor was right on…and her message hit home with our audience. She exceeded our expectations and did a great job delivering a valuable message in a fun and exciting way.

Amanda R. Widell
Lennox Women's Business Council
Lennox Industries

Tami's approach is very personalized – she will take a lot of time to first understand your needs and will then develop a program tailored to your specific requirements. Her programs are delivered in an impeccable way and a notable difference with many others is that Tami comes with a lot of useful and practical recommendations and guidelines that can be used from day 1. She also brings the material in a way that makes it stick, with a lot of useful examples. Summarized, her style is innovative and leads to great results !

Geert Verreycken
Vice President
Estee Lauder Companies

Tami is one of the best motivational speakers we've ever had speak to our women's group. She was one of our formal presentations – yes, she was formal & professional in her presentation – her timeliness, her look, her message. But formal during speaking? No way…she was personable, lively, energetic. It was like talking to a close friend. She really reached the crowd easily and with such energy. She is a dynamo and very approachable. She energized the crowd, got them thinking, got them laughing. She's the whole package!

Kerry Winkler
Grand Traverse Woman Magazine