Marilyn Sherman, CSP

Motivational Speaker Marilyn ShermanHave you ever wanted to hire a motivational speaker to inspire your audience and leave them feeling empowered to be better in their work and in their life? If so then Marilyn Sherman fits the bill.  For the last 21 years she has been moving audiences to tears of laughter and joy with stories and strategies that have people leaving her programs ready to take on the world.

What makes Marilyn Sherman different?  It’s true, there are a lot of motivational speakers out there and sometimes they all start to look and sound the same.  Marilyn stands out because of the investment she makes in each and every audience.  When her schedule permits, she will attend your whole conference and spend time with the audience before her talk, deliver customized content during her talk and spend time with attendees after, engaging people every step of the way.

Marilyn has three main keynote and breakout programs all with an underlying theme that individuals are responsible for their own success.  Her inspirational keynote “Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?” helps people discover what their mission is and how to overcome obstacles to success.  She inspires people to get out of their comfort zone without jumping into someone else’s.

Her second keynote is based on her motivational book of the same title "Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a Front-Row Seat in Life”.  This program shows people when it comes to work, relationships, and our general lot in life, we don't need to settle for balcony or even general admission seats. Life is meant to be lived in the front-row! This means being engaged in work, having meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  Marilyn helps people look at where their seats are and gives people strategies to move from the balcony to the front-row of their life.  Everyone deserves a front-row seat in his or her own life.

Finally, Marilyn provides a more content-driven workshop to offer as a concurrent session for your convention.  This 90-minute program titled “Communicating for Results; from Conflict to Cooperation” guarantees to provide tools that when used will reduce unnecessary conflict in the workplace.

Marilyn Sherman is the motivational speaker with no diva –like attitude.  She knows that when hired she has a job to do and that is to deliver an empowering, content-rich program with applicable content delivered with energy, fun and a magnetic personality!  You’ll not only love her, but you’ll want to bring her back year after year.

“You were the best speaker we’ve had here. Your message was spot-on!” – Starbucks DM meeting, Seattle Washington

“You are a truly gifted storyteller who uses personal experiences to set the stage or drive home important messages about being accountable for your own success and happiness.  Your humorous and touching stories woven in with your strategies and tips for self-improvement and success are wonderful!” – Executive Director Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Her latest demo video is here: Most people plan on only watching the first minute and end up watching the whole thing!  Enjoy!

For a quick look at Marilyn in action: Motivational speaker Marilyn Sherman shows how important humor is!