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Motivational Speakers  Should Stand Out

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson is Different, Hilarious, Motivating

motivational speaker kelly swanson on joyMotivational speakers aren't all the same. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson is the perfect fit when you are looking for something different, something hilarious, something powerfully motivating, and something that will leave your attendees talking about your event for years.

From the moment you have that first conversation with Kelly, you will see why audiences fall in love with her quirky real personality, her wacky wit, her heart for reviving stressed out people, and her passion for creating something spectacular for your specific event and audience.
She was the kid they threw things at on the bus – the one who never fit – the one who spent her life trying to blend in and march to the beat of the cool kids’ drum. Until she finally came to a point where she realized that she was exhausted – that trying to imitate others made for an empty life of going through the motions. She learned that while if you stick out as a kid, you’re dead – if you DON’T stick out in business, you’re dead. And she faced her fears, took a deep breath, and jumped – on to a stage. And she has never looked back. And now she wants to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone – to look past your fears – to take that dream and create action steps that will turn it into a reality. To throw out your arms and dance – even if the undersides jiggle like a bat’s wings.

And so the once shy kid is now an award-winning storyteller, comedian, author of several books, CD’s, and DVD’s, including “Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? Hanging on to humor when life doesn’t go the way you planned” – and creator of the beloved town of Pride’s Hollow, that tiny little place about a mile and a hair past nowhere, whose wacky characters teach her audiences about life and business.

Book motivational speaker Kelly Swanson if you are looking for a show that will leave people feeling good, encouraged, inspired – and teach them how to motivate themselves and others – how to get from where they are stuck, to where they want to be – laughing the whole way.

  • Ask how she will take the language of your organization, the mission of your committee,  the needs of your audience – and weave them into the presentation, to create something written just for them.
  • Ask Kelly about her tributes written for your industry.
  • Ask about her videos to help promote the event.

Find her video clips on YouTube:
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Most Requested Program Topics (Customized Titles Are Written To Fit the Event and Program):

  • Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?
  • Dealing with stress and change, burnout and low morale.
  • Moving from where you are stuck, to where you want to be.
  • Six Secrets To Creating Remarkable Relationships in the Workplace
  • What motivational speakers know about winning hearts and creating fans – to help you get customers and keep them, or create happy more productive employees.
  • When Fairy Tale Meets Reality: How to combine the ideal life with the real life.
  • How to take a dream and turn it into reality. Based on Kelly’s 3 Steps To A Happily Ever After: See, Believe, Do. SEE where you want to go (vision casting and goal setting), BELIEVE that you will get there (casting aside negative mindsets and developing the right attitude to win), and DO it already (creating workable action steps.)

Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Testimonials:

I want to thank you for the most wonderful job that you did for Columbus Regional at Spirit Girls Night Out.  From beginning to end, you flat out delivered!  Your willingness to work before the event (even en route to our city) with our media partners was awesome, and your media segments generated excitement about our event.  What is truly noteworthy about you is that you not only commanded the stage during your performance, but you personally appeared and interacted with our audience during the event.  Many of the women who attended the event commented on your wonderfully witty and personable manner.  You warmed their hearts and inspired them before the performance even began!  Your presentation of "Who Hijacked My Fairytale" had a truly raw and honest quality that was endearing and motivating.  It was when the hands of many of the audience were raised and swaying, that I knew you had pulled on some heartstrings and touched some lives.  The occasional "amens" after your "bless your hearts" and "I'm just sayings"  only added to the inspirational and revival like atmosphere you created. Thank you again for sharing your stories with our audience and giving our event a fairy-tale ending.

LeDare Windham
Spirit of Women Coordinator
Columbus Regional Healthcare System

We certainly had a fun time with you yesterday, and we appreciate all you did to make our event REMARKABLE. Everyone was very awed and inspired by your presentation and information. You kept it lively for 75 minutes which is an unbelievable task.The top educator of Novant saw me afterwards and was very complimentary of your information relating to Novant's core values.She said you had them exactly.  So THANKS for bringing them out. In the surveys I reviewed, you were the tops by far.

Beth C. Wilson
Executive Assistant to Janet Smith-Hill SVP/HR
Novant Health