Dave Lieber

The Power of Storytelling to Change the World

Dallas newspaper columnist and motivational speaker, Dave Lieber, uses humor to show how you can share your best stories for profit and big ROI. Audiences laugh and learn with Dave Lieber's Magic V-Shaped Storytelling Formula. His promotional method works for every industry and project and can be implemented immediately.

A serious researcher but funny speaker, Dave customizes his presentation to show you how to promote your particular good works and accomplishments on the front page, the evening news and throughout the community. His storytelling techniques show marketers, researchers, advertisers, non-profit leaders and others how easy it is to create publicity and promotions that highlight stories about you, your product and your customers, stories so wonderful the world remembers – and cares.

A constant favorite of meeting planners for his fun spirit, his strategies and his professionalism, Dave speaks more than 100 times every year. He is the author of five books. A humorist, his speaker webpage is YankeeCowboy.com. His latest newspaper columns appear at DallasNews.com/Watchdog. His business storytelling is YourStoryBlowsMeAway.com. Dave leads a consumer movement at WatchdogNation.com

Contact Dave through his website, yankeecowboy.com..