Colette Carlson, CSP

Audiences Rave about Motivational Speaker Colette Carlson!

funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson speak your truthMotivational Speaker Colette Carlson has audiences laughing out of their seats while teaching the art of speaking your truth – aligning your thoughts, words and actions to stress less and get real results. It’s why she’s been featured in Success Magazine and companies like Microsoft, New York Life, and PepsiCo bring her in-house to speak to their teams. Well, that and her zany, signature prop piece and sense of humor. But her story didn’t start out that way….

Truth be told this motivational speaker couldn’t even motivate herself to lose the extra 50 lbs. she carried for over a decade. Speak her truth? Yea, right! Then she’d have to be emotionally vulnerable which was simply out of the question. Conflict avoidance was her forte. Lower her stress? Ha! You can only have balance with boundaries, but she could never say No and lose someone’s approval. She wanted everybody to like her—even people she didn’t like!  Ask for what she needed at work to be successful and grow her career? Seriously? She might get rejected so that’s not going to happen. Have a loving relationship? See rejection.

So how did this funny motivational speaker turn her life around, lose the weight, fall in love, work for sales gurus Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins and become a national sales trainer all within 3 years?  Colette made it happen by employing the exact same strategies she now shares with audiences worldwide so that they too can maximize their relationships, revenue and results with less stress.

If you need your attendees to laugh their way into the Truth Booth in order to make positive, long-lasting change, contact Colette today!

More Truths About Motivational Speaker Colette Carlson:

  • Colette went back to night school while her daughters were young to get a Masters in Human Behavior. Good thing she knows what makes people tick as those same daughters are now teenagers!
  • Her column, Tactfully Speaking, has been published for the past 5 years in Business Management Daily
  • Colette has appeared in motivational movies Pass It On and Riches: The 7 Secrets of Wealth You were Never Told

Motivational Speaker Colette Carlson Testimonials:

“Our 3500 attendees raved about your humorous keynote. Best conference in our 21 year history!”

Mary Stabelfeld
Central CA Women’s Conference

“Closing with Colette’s hilarious keynote at our annual sales conference left our attendees excited, enthusiastic and full of energy. She brought down the house!

Raymond Sanders
American Home Shield

“Your presentation was right on target and resonated with everyone that attended! While dealing with stress is a serious topic, you delivered the message in a humorous way that left our audience laughing hysterically!”

Kimberly Chimene
Northwest Medical Center