Motivational Speaker’s Journey To A Healthier Ever After: Two Phrases That KILL Your Progress

HeadshotCI Fell Off The Wagon And The Guilt Is KILLING Me

If you are a life long dieter like me, you are constantly trying new diets and then breaking them. Been there, done that, got the muffin top to prove it. Many of you know that back in April I decided to take control of my health and create a new destiny. No, I am not on a diet. No, it's really not about the number on a scale. I mean it this time. This time it's about creating healthy habits. And there are two habits that I am working on right now – two phrases that I have realized are killers of progress – at least for me. So I suspect I'm not the only one.

This week I had a moment of weakness in my strive to create a healthy habit regimen. Okay, not one moment, many. I won't go into detail, but they involved the words glazed, extra crispy, buttermilk, and to go.  It's not really the food or lack of exercise that will hurt me as much as the two phrases that followed. "Well, since I've already broken my diet, I might as well…"  and  "I'll just start again on Monday."

These two phrases turn one or two (or three mistakes) into possibly twice that many. In fact, these two phrases could actually kill the whole deal if you follow them. These two phrases aren't just bad actions, they are bad HABITS, which are a whole lot worse than bad actions. And my goal isn't to reach a number, it's to create new habits. Following a list of things to do simply leads me to a new destination. Creating a list of habits leads me to a new lifestyle.  So it's time to break these two habits. It's time to address the mistaken belief behind these two phrases. These two phrases indicate that because I've messed up, the path to success is blown up.


Just because I made a mistake does not mean all is lost and the journey is destroyed. Not at all. In fact, it doesn't mean anything except that I ate something I didn't want to eat. It means I didn't go to the gym today. Period. End of story. Moment over. Don't look back. Look in this moment. Make a different choice. We think because we made one mistake that we undid all our progress and that depresses us and makes us want to quit and give in to the craving in front of us. But one mistake does not a journey break. So get over it and step into a new moment. And if you think you feel bad now, wait until a week of responding to the words, "Well, since I've already broken my diet." It won't be pretty.  And look on the bright side – if I feel this guilty, then I must be doing something right!

And once I break the habit of the first phrase (Well, since I already broke my diet, I might as well…) then I will naturally break the second habit of deciding to start again on Monday.  Same path to forgiveness as above. Same rules apply. The time to stop a bad habit is now, not on Monday. It's always easier to break it today rather Monday, now rather than later, August rather than the day before Thanksgiving.

The road to a healthier new me will not be easy. It will be filled with potholes. And, like I always say, it's not the pothole that brings us down, but what we choose to do with it. Today I choose to let my actions go, and focus on my habits.

And THAT is worth celebrating.

Just not with a donut.


  • Don't create diets of lists of things to do – create HABITS.
  • Measure your success by the habits you have created and broken, not a number.
  • One mistake does not a journey break.
  • Kill the words, "Well, since I've already broken my diet, I might as well…"
  • Kill the words, "I'll just start again on Monday."
  • This time it really is different. Believe it. 
  • Celebrate your guilt. It means you're growing.


Much love,
Your fluffy motivational speaker, trying to find her healthier ever after –   one bite     one step    one habit at a time.




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  1. Kelly – Did you just take a chapter out of my life or what? I can so relate! You started in April? I started in Jr. High school.  I really started taking it seriously (this last time) 2 years ago.  Some people break their pattern (dare I say 'binge') when they're under stress, or depressed, or happy or fill in the blank. For me, it was last Friday just coming home from the airport! My car just went into the Vons parking lot and I was standing in front of the frozen food section trying to figure out how many single serving Ben and Jerry's I could get before anyone figured out they were all for me. It wasn't pretty. I then missed my weekly support group meeting and (weigh-in) the following day. Luckily, the shame and guilt didn't have me continue the downward spiral and I got back on track the next day. I have an idea, the next time one of us has the temptation to lose it, let's just call each other!  I know everytime I talk to you I end up laughing and last I remember, you can't eat ice cream and laugh at the same time!!

    Love you to pieces, Marilyn

  2. Sisterhood! I truly know very few women that don't struggle with this mentally, and you know for me it's been forever. During my last healthy women program I was sharing how I was only ever able to start a new "program" (hated the word diet) at the first of the year, first of the month or a Monday. It was somehow impossible to ever make a healthy choice beginning on Wed., at 12:22 pm. Ironically, I spent time journaling this morning on this subject before flipping on the computer. For me, taking the time to purge my thoughts on paper somehow supports my ability to stick with healthier habits versus a binge. Especially knowing this weekend is once again filled with food and beverages that will move me in the direction of my goals ….or not. Thanks for the beautiful, reinforcing inspiration, Kelly.

  3. Yay Kelly! You are singing my song as well! Mine went something like this (after a donut first thing in the morning) "Well, I've already blown it today so I might as well have pies and cakes the rest of the day." Oh – and I would. Have pies and cakes. And burgers and fries. And cookies. I sure do love cookies. OH! And ice cream!!! And ANYTHING else that I "shouldn't have" because, once again, the day was already blown.  Wow. Sick reasoning.  Well, thanks for the beautiful reminder missy. I can SURELY use this one today in the middle of my remodel squalor.

  4. Hello ladies everywhere ( and you 4 in particular). I drink too many calories in wine.  I overeat on the weekends.  I've gone head to head with the men in my house when it comes to slices of pizza on a Friday night.  And I've maintained the same decent weight for 30 years without much mental trauma from my eating splurges because I see my eating habits like a flow chart:  2-3 days of eating out of the range of healthy just means 4-5 days of healthy eating to balance it out.  If I'm "feeling fat" on Monday from the weekend, then I just accept that it will take until Thursday or Friday until I feel slim again.  No crash dieting.  No overexercising.  No self crucifiction.  My fun fun indulgent, no-care in the world choices over the weekend will take all week to balance out.  I'm good with that.  What's your balance?

  5. Thanks Polly for helping me keep it in perspective. I love that philsophy. And OBVIOUSLY it works because you look phenomenal. And I'm sure you feel great too!

  6. And by the way…… guilty pleasures that week did not make a difference on the scale. Not that it matters. I don't want to be tied to a number. I want to be tied to a better habit. But those guilt days are already forgotten because I have followed them up with days of making good choices. :)

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