Motivational Speakers Journey From Shame to Forgiveness

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Motivational Speakers Journey – I'm So Ashamed

I don't know about you, but when I get a reality check about somewhere in my life where I have gone off path, it's usually followed by a huge dose of shame. This journey of mine to a healthier ever after is no exception. Mixed in with the passion and desire to make better choices, is a big old cup of "I can't believe I let myself get here."  Out of all the emotions, I'm pretty sure shame is my least favorite.

And while I don't like it, for me it is a necessary component of acknowledging responsibility for my actions and my choices – a popular rant for us motivational speakers. But it's still true, no matter how many times you hear it. Despite our circumstances, where we stand is a direct reflection of the choices we have made.

The good news is that our choices will get us out. And shame doesn't have to last forever. And shouldn't.

So I hit the moment of shame, which actually lasted longer than a moment.  I stayed there long enough to learn my lesson. Can we truly learn if we don't experience our shame? I don't think so.

But here's the deal – at some point you have to let the shame go. You're not perfect. You will make mistakes. Yes, you probably should have known better. You goofed up. Maybe in a really big way. Yes, you will have to pay the price. But once you've learned your lesson it's time to forgive yourself.

Shame doesn't empower you to make better choices. The freedom comes in the forgiveness.

I know there is someone reading this who needs to hear this message just like I did. So hear me when I say that perhaps today is the day you forgive yourself. Today is the day you take that shame and release it. Today is the day you walk in the power of forgiveness. You deserve to be forgiven. You may still have to pay the price for your actions – deservedly so – but you walk in freedom.

So today I take my shame and let it go. It's time to move forward.

motivational-speakers-kelly-swanson-freeBut I don't feel forgiven.

Feel it anyway. Feelings follow thoughts and actions. Just like I told you to think brave even when you don't feel brave – I want you to think forgiven before you feel forgiven. Do it enough and one day you'll wake up and it just is.

Faith Note

Usually I don't combine my faith messages with my other messages – but for those who live by the same faith as me, there is another message in here for you. God forgives. He knows you will mess up. He expects it. And He loves you anyway. In fact, His forgiveness is stronger and comes easier than perhaps any forgiveness you will seek and find here on earth. It's guaranteed.

Walk lighter my friend. I'll see you in the next post.




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  1. Wow. Excellent awareness Kelly. Most people (especially funny motivational speakers who only want to see the positive in EVERYTHING in life) try to skip the light fantastic right over this shame thing. Shame just feels too…well…shameful to "sit with" long enough to discover what you are saying here. But oh how powerful and true that it is a necessary component of being able to move forward in life. AND – take the learning from the lessons with us. Thank you for your honesty and insight, Kelly!!! 

  2. You gave me an "ah ha" moment there, Miss Kelly!  It takes more than just saying that we forgive ourselves of our shame, it takes a while, in fact, of saying it before we actually do feel the freedom of forgiveness!  I've tended to think that because my one time "forgive" didn't really take, I must need to live with the shame forever. Beautiful!

  3. Shame is a huge topic and it too is one of my least favorite emotions.  Shame is what makes us keep our secrets.  This is a great post and a great topic!  Even for motivational speakers – yes, we need to be honest and let go of ALL those things that don't serve us.  Awesome job my friend!!!

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