Motivational Speakers in the House!

Even at my age (it will be raining later this week according to my knees!), there is nothing better than starting your day with a big hug and kiss from your parents. Well, I guess that depends on whether you like your parents, but mine rock. And if I really think about why I’ve become a motivational speaker, it’s because I was raised by two of the best motivational speakers on the planet.

Take my Dad for instance, still walking with a broad smile at 86 years old. Sure he no longer has the broad chest he did when he played professional football, but he still greets everyone he meets with a huge smile and something kind to say. This from a man who was nearly starved to death  in a POW camp during WWII. Needless to say,  we had no pity parties growing up in our family because nothing compared to what he endured and still he remained positive, outgoing and engaging. Do you let your challenges get in the way of your incredible positive potential?

My Mother at 76 still believes school is never out for the pro. Sure, she was a teacher, but her love of continual learning is outstanding. When she found out I was going to have my first child 19 years ago, she went straight out and bought a computer. Then she signed up for classes. “If I’m going to have a relationship with my Grandchildren, I’m going to need to be computer savvy.” She participates in 2 book clubs (she’s the oldest in both) to keep her current and sharp. She took on knitting a few years back and now has her sweaters in high-end boutiques. I could fill paragraphs more of all she has accomplished just since retiring. Are you reading the books or attending the programs you need to grow your life and business?

Now don’t get me wrong, our family was FAR from perfect. We fought, we had our issues, we had our crazy moments. My folks came down hard on me when I made really bad choices (feel free to use your imagination and it probably still won’t be as bad as I was!). Yet, they were also always there to support me on my path — every step of the way. I am so blessed to still have them in my life, and I give appreciation for them every day. My parents …. two of the original motivational speakers in my book.


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  1. Child development experts point repeatedly to how we “model” our parents (primary caretakers) in conscious and unconscious ways so what you are saying makes perfect sense! How fortunate for you that you had such amazing examples there! I think many of us (I sure do speak from experience here) must make that conscious choice (that you propose in the form of a thoughtful question at the end of your examples) to act in ways that may in fact be contrary to what we learned as little kids. We really are on a conscious journey here, aren’t we? Great observations, Colette!

  2. Colette – I love reading about your relationship with your parents! You could write a whole book on their winning ways. Like you, I’m blessed to have both of my parents still alive and I know how appreciative I am of that fact. My mom and dad were motivational speakers in their own way too. My dad would always drill me while I was in jr. high school “what are your goals this week? This month? What about your goals for next year, the next five years? What about your tombstone goals – what do you want to accomplish by the time you die?” He was great growing up and still is to this day. Thanks for the reminder of the great qualities of parents who believe in the possibilities of their kids!!!

  3. Wow. You are both blessed. While I had wonderful parents, their gifts were in other areas. I didn’t grow up with motivational speakers, but grew up with realists. They never told me not to dream, it’s just that they never encouraged me to. I grew up thinking I needed to do something that made sense. I’m not sure where I strayed from that path – what catalyst changed my course of direction. I think it was my husband, who first told me I had a gift, and encouraged me to go out there and do it. And he’s never stopped. Bless his heart.

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