Motivational Speakers Case for Social Media – Part 2

Motivational speakers Kelly Swanson and Randy Gage make the argument for social mediaMotivational speaker Kelly Swanson wrote a post titled: Motivational Speaker Raves About Power of Social Media – For Those Who Still Don’t Get It 

In this article (use the link above if you haven't memorized this gem!), Kelly builds a case for a case for why social media is important to a business, and describe how it has benefited her directly. 

The short take on Kelly's article has to do with the power that social media gives a business to market their business. Yes, Kelly does bring up the idea of engagement – but it is not the real meat of the post. To me (quick disclaimer – Kelly's husband and partner in the business), social media is all about making strong, tangible, and long-lasting connections with your clients/customers/fans. Don't get me wrong, Kelly is not a social media mercenary simply using the tool to fill the social media universe with spammy, self-serving marketing content, and trite, over-used saccharine quotes. Kelly does believe in social media's power to truly connect people – it's just not the thrust of her post.

Randy Gage did a post that really does bring home the engagement side of this equation, and he did it quite eloquently: 

Randy also has a answer for those who say social media doesn't work to help build a business. I won't spoil the surprise – you can read it on Randy's site.

Randy Gage makes a case for the value of social media in business building. The title "Why Social Media Marketing Does Not Work" is somewhat misleading. The key to remember is that social media works – if you work it. Randy also makes a good case for engaging through social media. Social media is not a tool to barrage the world with tired quotes, but a platform to connect with your customers.
This is a short, but sweet argument for social media. The gist of the post is DO IT!

Date published: 02/18/2013


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Bill Swanson is married to motivational speaker Kelly Swanson. As partner in her speaking business, Bill is keenly interested in all things related to motivational speaking.

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  1. Randy's post is brilliant Bill, not only for motivational speakers but for everyone who wants to stay in business!  Thanks to people like him, you and Kelly for keeping this information up in front of our faces until we get it – and better yet, USE it!

  2. Wow!  Randy Gage really opened my eyes on the way he works this social media!  This is such a valuable post for me, Bill, because I have a tendency to be sporadic with this kind of marketing.  Appreciate the link!

  3. Bill, always appreciate the education we get when you chime in with your wisdom!

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