Motivational Speaker treated like a dog on Southwest flight!

Southwest Airlines treats customers like dogs!

Passengers on Southwest Airlines treated like dogs on recent flight

I know, I know.  You must be thinking that Southwest Airlines is known for the incredible customer service and innovative, creative, fun-loving flight attendants.  And, yes, on a recent Southwest Airlines flight, I, among all the other passengers, was treated like a dog.  Now, before you assume that that’s a bad thing, (did you not see the news about he Westminster Best in Show dog got treated to dinner at Sardi’s in New York City?) know that when I grew up, our dogs were treated pretty good!  We had a dog breeding business as a family hobby and there is nothing cuter than a litter of purebred German Shepherd puppies! So what does that have to do with Southwest Airlines?  Well, I don’t think my brothers and sisters were unique in playing a game with our dogs.  We would put a treat (typically meat or cheese) on the ground and have Loat and Annette (German names) sit at attention.  They would perk their ears waiting and waiting until we gave them the signal that it was okay to eat the treats!  That’s where Southwest Airlines comes in.  I was traveling home from a motivational speaking event and the flight attendant got VERY creative when serving us our peanuts.  Instead of taking a basket and going up and down the isle handing out nuts, he poured two piles of peanuts on the ground right before take-off.  One pile in the front of the cabin and one mid-plane where I was seated.  He told us, in the same tone as us kids spoke to our dogs, ‘wait for it, wait, waaaaaiiit’ and we waited.  We sat at attention, not quite salivating, but definitely curious as to what was going on.  Then, the plane took off.  As the plane took flight, the angle of the plane made the piles of nuts slide down the isle!  “Now! Grab Your Peanuts as they come by your row!”  And we did!  Just like trained German Shepherds!  I’ve been on a lot of flights, and I have seen a lot of creativity. But this one takes the cake.  We were treated like dogs, but in this case, it was a very good thing!


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  1. Well how fun is THAT???? I LOVE it!

  2. Very cool! I need to fly Southwest. I want to be treated like a dog.

  3. I’ll be on Southwest tomorrow before I’m awake. This motivational speaker will look forward to seeing what creative words and deeds my attendants come up with to entertain those of us in the tube. Funny post.

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