Motivational Speaker Needs to walk her talk!

I have a keynote speech called “Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?” and even though I customize my presentation to each of my audiences, I always open that particular speech with ‘You’re sound asleep, and your alarm blasts you into consciousness. How many of you hit your snooze? More than Once? Twice?  Being in your own bed, right when you wake up is the best way to describe your comfort zone.  It’s obviously comfortable, warm, intimate, safe.  However is your comfort zone a good place for you to remain in long term?  No because  complacency sets in and eventually that will lead to habits and some habits lead to mediocrity.”  Now, as a motivational speaker, you would think that I would live my message all the time, right?  Well, not so much.  Sometimes the motivator needs motivating!  I try to walk my talk consistently and some days are easier than others.  Here’s the thing that I’ve noticed recently – there is power in momentum and support.  Let me explain.  I’ve been on a quest to get into shape for a long time.  After all, it’s no fun being a fat motivational speaker!  So I decided on eating more healthy, and exercising regularly.  I know, what a concept!  I used a Groupon to join a Hot Pilates studio and fell in love!  The 60-minute workout is fun, fast, hard, challenging, and ever changing.  I have now had 38 classes in  4 months.  That’s 1 class every 3 days.  The result is, I’m down a size and feel amazing!  However, I don’t always feel like going.  That’s where momentum comes in. If I miss more than three days in a row – I feel like all that hard work will be lost, so I better get my butt into class.  As a motivational speaker who travels a lot, I have to plan ahead.  For instance, I’m flying to Seattle tomorrow and attending an all-day conference on Friday, then hanging with family over the weekend.  I don’t see hot pilates in the next four days.  I thought, well, I need to go today because I’m on such a roll! I’ve got this momentum behind me!  But, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed.  Remember that description of a comfort zone?  My bed was comfortable, warm, intimate, safe, and might I add – yummy.  That’s where support comes in.  I have an amazing husband who supports me in my quest for optimum health and he has been going to hot pilates with me!  This morning, as I was contemplating hitting the snooze, rolling over and going back to sleep, he sprung out of bed and opened the curtains.  When the curtains are opened, that’s it.  You gotta get up.  I got up and we both went to class.  I didn’t feel like it. And, he didn’t feel like it either! When do you EVER feel like getting out of your comfort zone? It seems like when one of us doesn’t want to go work out, the other one does, and we both go. This morning neither one of us felt like it, but we did it to support each other.  Afterwards, of course we felt great.  It’s usually on the other side of your comfort zone where the grass is definitely greener!   One of my attendees sent me a greeting card that said ‘Life is lived outside of your comfort zone!’

When you don’t feel like doing what you need to do to achieve one of your goals, consider looking at that event as building momentum. Keep track of your progress so you can visually see how far you’ve come.  For me, I put a star on my calendar for each day I work out.  It’s a visual reminder of my momentum.  Also, see if you can’t solicit a supportive soul to go along the journey with you.   That way, when you don’t feel like walking your talk, you can have someone open the curtains on you!

From your ‘no judgement in the hot room’ motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


Marilyn Sherman, CSP is a Front-Row Leadership Expert helping people get out of the balcony and get a front-row seat in life. For over 20 years she has inspired audiences with topics on Visioning, Goal Achievement and having a No More Excuses attitude! Check out her fun, dynamic style at

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  1. Awesome Marilyn! I don’t like being a puffy motivational speaker either. And I’ve been in a funk when it comes to working out. So I bought some new music for my iPad. Last time Queen did the trick – but this time I bought some serious rock-it-out gospel music that really sends me into orbit. So I’m on the elliptical at the gym now with renewed vigor and passion – rocking out. Time flies by and I look down and it’s time to go. So maybe everybody is staring at me – I might have gotten into it a little more than I planned – but I feel great! So I recommend finding something that helps that task become more fun. For me it’s usually music. Or chocolate. But the gym frowns on me eating candy bars while I work out. Bummer.

  2. Oh well. Speak right to me why don’t you, Marilyn. We’ve had to enlarge my comfort zone to fit my expanding boonda and I’m still spilling over the top of my pants. I really don’t’ LIKE working out any more, but I DO love spending 45 minutes with my buddy, Diane on the elliptical next to me talking about the really cool stuff we talk about. So I agree with you 100%, Marilyn – if you have a buddy/friend/happy person to work out with – it surely does keep you “honoring your promise” to them! I have told Diane that if she doesn’t go – I probably won’t go. And she has told me the same thing many times – so we HAVE to go for the other person!!

  3. You mentioned the one thing that ALWAYS gets me moving when I really don’t want to move: feeling great afterwards! I hold onto that memory of “feelin’ so fine, nothing botherin’ me now, energy coursing through my veins” feeling and know that I want to get that again! Whatever has me stressed completely disappears after a good workout. And when said stress returns, I am usually better able to handle it. Keep throwing open those curtains!

  4. Marilyn, as a motivational speaker who inspires others to Speak Your Truth, I too, know the wonderful pressure to always be in alignment with what I teach. Not always easy, so salute your effort and momentum. When I took off the 50 lbs. I had a buddy, Marianne, who used to meet me on our corner every morning at 6:30 am (when in town) for an hour-long beach walk. Sure, there were many mornings I wanted to stay in my comfort zone and cozy bed, and I would have if I didn’t know Marianne’s butt was going to be out there come rain or cold. We kept this routine going for almost 5 years before my travel schedule got too crazy. Marianne was smart and went out and got a hyper active dog. Charlie is her new companion. Less talkative than me, but I made less stops along the way.

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