Motivational Speaker in the Form of a Pilot?

When a motivational speaker talks about an outstanding company on the platform, it’s not uncommon for examples from Southwest Airlines to be shared. And here I go again….but wait! This time it wasn’t the flight attendants’ clever announcements or the fact they still serve free snacks. Sure, those elements were still present, but this time it was the pilot who warmed my heart. Here’s what he said at the start  of our 6 am flight.

“Good morning everyone. I’d like to tell you about a very special passenger we have on board with us today. His name is Timmy and he’s 7 years old. It’s his first solo flight, and Timmy and I got to know each other a little bit this morning as he was visiting with me in the cockpit. Timmy says he wants to be a pilot when he grows up, and after meeting him, I have a feeling Timmy will be flying us around one of these days soon. We believe in you Timmy. Welcome aboard!”

That’s when my heart swelled. Even a few coffee-deprived Grinches’ hearts grew three sizes that day. Not only did the pilot make Timmy an instant celebrity, but by doing so others reached out to him making his first flight alone more comfortable and memorable. But bigger than all of that, the pilot said the magic words too many of us don’t get to hear enough regarding our goals and dreams. “We believe in you.” And all of us motivational speakers who share this blog site, we believe in you too.


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  1. Yay! Great story, Colette!  I LOVE to hear about things like this happening.  And I believe we need to tell as many of these wonderful stories as possible!  We hear enough about what’s going WRONG inthe world – so thank you for sharing one very right, uplifting and hopeful example!

  2. Thanks for sharing the story Colette! It put a smile on my face… and the faces of everyone I’ve told the story to since reading your post. 

  3. Now you went and made me cry! How super duper uber sweet. Love it! And I would bet that this pilot wasn’t given a list of things to say to deliver super service – but that he has the right motivation to do it! Things like that can’t be given as lists of things to do – they come from cultivating a spirit of service in organization. They come from teaching the right attittudes and behaviors and MOTIVATIONS.  This pilot has a lot to teach motivational speakers! Thanks for sharing Colette!

  4. Great post Colette!  I see you using this as a closing story and ending with telling your audience that you believe in them.  What an amazing feeling to deliver!  Love it love it love it!!! PS I believe in YOU!!!

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