Motivational Speaker Chad Hymas – Doing What Must Be Done

If I’ve ever met a motivational speaker that eats, lives and breathes his message it’s Chad Hymas.  His dreams of being a rancher were crushed April 3, 2001 when a two-thousand pound bale of hay crushed down upon him. The accident could have been prevented but Chad was in a hurry to return home to see his son take his first steps. This decision to postpone adding hydraulic fluid to the old front-loader tractor would result in him taking his last steps ever.

As a quadriplegic he had to put his pride on the side and ask for the help and support he desperately needed to heal. Not easy for a proud man. Not easy for most of us. But he did it. He could have used an electric wheelchair to get around, but instead he spent days learning to move a half inch in a manual chair. How many of us take the easy path, rather than do the hard work which eventually gives us the freedom we truly desire?

I’m thrilled to share that not only is this incredible man in my Mastermind group, but he has recently penned his moving, honest story. If you need to remove any excuses from your life, you will have the tools and inspiration you need after reading Chad’s new book, “Doing What Must Be Done.” I couldn’t put it down.  And I bet you won’t be able to either.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Colette! Chad’s message is great and there are many out there who need to hear it. I know the book will be as awesome as Chad is on stage.

  2. Taking the easy way out is always such a temptation but rarely does it give us the results we want.  I’m sure I’ll love his book and his message.  Thanks for the recommendation, Colette!

  3. Yes, Colette, I saw Chad speak at NSA one year and I was so deeply impressed by his humilty and wisdom.  He is the EPITOMY of a brilliant, caring motivational speaker, consciously setting out to make a difference every day of his life. And he surely does.  Thanks for the recommendaion, Colette.

  4. Oh, so we’re not supposed to take the easy way out?  Just when I thought I could get away with not having discipline!  Thanks for the great recommendation Colette – Chad really is amazing.  

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