Motivational Speaker asks, Are Your Stories Persuasive?

Womens-leadership-speaker-Colette-CarlsonWhile I may be a motivational speaker, I’m also a former National Sales Trainer.  I can’t help but notice when an individual, company or organization delivers a powerful, emotional story that makes you want to take action. Stories are sticky, memorable, and a great way to drive behavior.  And when they also tug at your heart or create a little pain, lookout!

I recently experienced a great example in the form of an email from my daughter’s college titled, “Students Notice!”

The copy read: While delivering Care Packages to the halls for students, I asked one resident hall staffer, “Do students really get excited about Care Packages?”

“Definitely,” she said, “but the worst part is telling a student they didn’t get a package. They’re so sad!" They may just seem like boxes of snacks, but to students, getting a note from home and a Care Package is a big deal. Unfortunately, it’s even a bigger deal when they don’t get one. Nobody likes to feel left out. They really do notice.”

Ouch! I couldn’t help but visualize my child standing around as she watches everyone else ripping into goody-filled packages. That’s the power of this story.  That and the guilt they threw in as a bonus! Of course the email provided an easy fix solution:  buy three Care Packages to be delivered throughout the year along with a personal note from you (Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays). Problem solved.

What powerful emotional story will you tell you today that will persuade your listener to take action?


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  1. I went through the same wrenching “should I, shouldn’t I send a basket” angst when my son was a freshmen in college. I didn’t send one but I’m sure I would have if I had received that guilt-laden email!!!   To your point, oh wise motivational speaker, the messages that stick with me are the ones that are delivered through someone’s personal story and have strummed my heart strings.  Every time.  Thanks for helping me take a fresh look at my stories!

  2. I loved care packages!  Wow – they knew what they were doing when they sent that e-mail.  Tell the story, grab some heart strings and offer a solution.  Isn’t that what we do as motivational speakers?  I hope so!

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