Motivation can come from studying Success too!

As a motivational speaker, I often inspire my audiences with stories of people who have had traumatic events in their life, or were born with a no spoon at all let along a silver spoon, and what they did to become a success despite their trials and tribulations.  My message to my audiences is, if they can do it with the obstacles that they had to overcome, then you and I can achieve what we want because we don’t have such obstacles!  Then, I had lunch with a speaker colleague of mine and I was blown away!  For those of you that know me, you know I’m an ex-jock.  I played completive volleyball for years and showed quarter horses regularly growing up.  So when I met Ruben Gonsalez who is a 4-time olympian, I was in awe.  He didn’t start to compete in his olympic sport until he was watching the Olympics and Scott Hamilton won the gold medal.  Ruben said ‘If he can be an Olympian, so can I!”

Ruben was 21 years old.

If you look at many Olympic athletes today, at 21, their competing days are mostly behind them! Ruben is different. He scientifically, yes scientifically figured out what what sport he could compete in and make the Olympics.  He found out that the sport of luge had a lot of injuries.  He figured, with injuries, people would quit.  And the one thing Ruben is not, he is not a quitter!  THAT’S how he chose the sport and became the only person in history to compete in 4 winter games in 4 decades!  I am so inspired by this!  Now, when I prepare for a speech, I can pull stories from successful people who became more successful!  Ruben just made a decision to pursue a new dream and he did it big time. Thanks for the lesson Ruben – you are amazing!

Olympian and Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez.

Motivational Speaker inspired by this guy!

From your, wished I could have been in the olympics motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. GREAT lesson on determination, hard work and intelligence, right?  He sounds like a great role model for people who want to hang on to all those reasons why THEY can’t possibly do “X”.  “I’m too old, too short, too blonde, too sensitive, too addicted to television…”  Whatever.  Thanks for letting us know about this amazing young man.

  2. Wow, this is awesome Marilyn! And I was just thinking that I had reached the point of my life where it’s safe to say I will never be rich, famous, or a super model. Look out Heidi Klum, here I come!

  3. What an inspirational message he has!  Can you imagine a world where everybody set the best goal for themselves and went about it with the intelligence and determination of Ruben??  What would that be like?

  4. Ruben is absolutely incredible and has a heart of gold. You are so right on about this individual and the example he sets that it’s never too late to start down the path of your dreams. As an aside, he is as wonderful on the insides — got to see this when we were in the motivational movie Pass It On together.

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