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We'd like to thank Shawn Ambrose for submitting today's guest post blog.

Saving money is not always easy and so it helps to have self motivation tips that can get you through the tough financial times. Being able to live on a tight budget and put aside money is very essential at this point of time when there is a credit crunch going within every household. As the economy is recovering from the recession and the unemployment level is too high, the debtors are desperately trying to save money but with the cash-strapped situation, they're lacking motivation. While an online budget planner can help you formulate a budget and stay within your means, there are very few who take help of this online financial tool. Here are some ways in which you can motivate yourself into saving your hard-earned bucks.

  • Save little but save often: Though it may not be favorable for you to save a lump sum amount of money every now and then, but make sure that you save little but often. Every time you have changes left after returning from the grocery store, save them so that this may increase into a large amount some day. Saving $1-$2 a day is not a bad idea! Almost all of us can cut off a dollar from our unnecessary spending and save it for the future. Do this and as you see your funds increase day by day, you'll feel motivated.
  • Maintain a savings log: Whenever you're someone who is sorting out your finances, you will be recommended to maintain a savings log. The more you keep checking your savings log, you can get motivated with time and this will encourage you to save more money in the long run. Each time you deposit something in your savings account, don't forget to mention the date on which you did so that you can easily stay on track.
  • Keep a goal in front of you: If you have a goal in front of you, it will certainly become easier for you to save your bucks. Having a clear goal in mind will always help you take the best decision to saving money. For instance, if you can be sure that you have to buy a new home in 2013, it is more likely that you will get an urge to save money and stop spending this life of a renter. It certainly takes a huge part of your salary to pay the rent and owning a new house can add a brand new dimension to your life. Therefore, keep such goals so as to steer clear of the goals.
  • Automate your savings account: However, in spite of all this, if you still feel that motivation wanes and waxes, you should simply automate your savings account. You can automate your checking account with your savings account and set a date so that a portion of your monthly salary automatically gets transferred to the savings account. This will relieve you of all the efforts to save money.

There are plenty of other ways in which you can motivate yourself to save your bucks. Save money and follow a budget so that you get to know where your pennies are going. If you can keep a track on the income and expenses and always try to keep your income more than the expenses, you can have a shining financial future. You may even get help from a budget planner to craft a frugal budget.


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  1. Thanks Shawn for these tips on how to save money. I find that often I know exactly what I should do – it’s doing it that’s the problem! That’s where I have to motivate myself to save money. That’s where I try to find something I want more than the dress I think I just have to have. When I’m holding up that dress that I am just sure will make me a better motivational speaker, I say, “But, Kelly, wouldn’t you rather save that money and use it on a new computer next year?” …….. Usually I say no. But I’m working on it. :) Thanks for posting Shawn.

  2. Certainly appreciate and echo your comments Shawn. I was blessed my parents were my personal motivational speakers when it came to walking their talk in the savings department. Their philosophy was, aside from a mortgage, if you couldn’t pay cash, you could afford to wait until you could. Every car (to this day) they’ve bought or large-ticket item was paid in full upfront. Aside from a short term situation after college when I got my first credit card and went a little crazy, I’ve managed to manage my money thanks to their encouragement. And if anyone reading feels financially overwhelmed, you can begin to invest in you. Like any goal, make a decision, break it down into manageable steps and start taking action.

  3. I also think some of us spend money we don’t have, buying things we don’t really need, for no other reason than to keep up with the Jones’s. I remember when I met my husband and being surprised that he drove a little old white pick up truck. “Who does that?” I asked myself, because I was young, naive, and thought that possessions were an outward sign of your worth. Now I look at that white pick up truck (yes, it is still sitting in our driveway twelve years later) as a testimony to financial wisdom. My husband could afford a new car, and perhaps a more expensive one. But the car still runs, it’s paid for, and in his mind worth keeping. I certainly would have had a more financially stable life had I followed his way of thinking when I was young. So, as a motivational speaker, I have to bring it back to one of my core messages: Don’t live your life trying to keep up with others. If you go after what they have, you will only end up with their dreams, and a large bill!

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