Maybe next time it’ll be different

My wife Carrie is out of town today. The kids and I excitedly started our “Bad Dad Day” adventure at oh-my-gosh-it’s early-o’clock this morning. Once or twice a year, Carrie will leave us to fend for ourselves. Before she leaves, we all sit around and have a conversation during which we acknowledge that all bets are off whilst she’s away. Carrie’s good influence; healthy eating, daily structure… basically everything that she’s instituted that enables us to function as a healthy, happy and cohesive family unit intentionally goes by the wayside. The kids and I gleefully declare that we’re going to do and eat what we want, when we want it. As we ready ourselves for the great event, the kids and I get more and more excited and Carrie just rolls her eyes and invites us to remember that the last few times we’ve travelled down this path it’s ended in tears. As we did the last few times, this time we assured her it’d be different.

So… disappointingly, by 11:00am she was proven to be right… again. I don’t know if it was the food coloring and the sugar from the breakfast donuts, the sleep deprivation… or both… but the kids – Jack (5), Erin (7) and Kate (8) – were out of control. They’d teamed up and hunting together as a pack, were relentlessly wearing me down. Also sleep deprived with a little too much sugar and caffeine coursing through my body, I became, at one point, aware of myself beginning to yell at them “For the love of God, please slow down!”

Jack (refusing to take me seriously) abruptly stopped paying any attention to me and standing in the middle of the kitchen, raised his hands, closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths and started repeating “Namaste… Namaste…”

Distracted to the point that I was unable to keep loudly pointing out the errors of his ways I asked, “What the heck are you doing?”

“Getting inner peace dad.”

“What’s inner peace Jack?”

“You tell me dad.”


Maybe next time it’ll be different.


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  1. BRAVO! Standing ovation. Brilliant Paul. Thank you for giving me a window into your world. I’m sharing this right now.

  2. I LOVE this post, Paul!!  This is why you’re such a brilliant motivational speaker I’m sure.   Your ability to experience the “challenges” in life and look at them in such a clear light, to enlighten others.  Great stuff!

  3. Fun read, Paul. One of these days (and I guess I could choose them tomorrow if I decided) I want to be the parent who isn’t all about health, rules, etc. and eat food coloring and donuts!

  4. GREAT post, Paul!  And another brilliant example of how our kids teach us SOOO much!  How did you keep from laughing?  Thanks for sharing this story that we ALL can relate to – regardless of which side of the donuts we are on!

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