Male Motivational Speaker’s Packing Day

My fellow motivational speakers, Kelly Swanson and Linda Larsen, posted their packing lists for when they hit the road:

Motivational Speaker’s Packing Day
Seasoned Motivational Speaker’s Packing Day


I’ve got to say, it rocks to be a bloke! Bloke being a word used to describe a man, fellow, guy, chap in the traditional sense… which is a different creature to the rapidly propagating life source commonly known as a metrosexual, which – as I understand it – is a bloke who demonstrates a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in appearance and style… which incidentally, is something I’m convinced my wife prays, on a daily basis, that I’ll develop. Until then here’s my packing list:

  • Workout gear
  • Toiletry bag (Shaving gear, toothpaste and toothbrush)
  • Underwear
  • Blazer, shirt, pants, socks, shoes
  • Sleeping shorts/t-shirt

Did I mention that it rocks to be a bloke :-)



Success simplified; lessons learned down a hippo's throat. Speaker, Author, Coach who will parachute in when traditional solutions won’t get it done.

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know people could live on that. You are definitely success simplified, my friend. Well done. I guess you don’t need shampoo either.

    (ha, ha, ha…..just a little ribbing for my favorite bloke who landed head down in a hippo’s mouth)

    From your quirky motivational speaker friend who realizes that payback ain’t pretty! :)

  2. Here’s the thing about you ‘blokes’, you can wear the same suit to an entire conference, have a tie, no tie, change the tie, and not only will people not notice, but you won’t even give it a second thought! If only it were that simple for us!!!

  3. So Paul, are you and my husband related? No. Your packing list is too comprehensive for him. Very good, Mr. Bloke.

  4. So, it IS a universal guy thing, is it? Part of me wishes I could be like that but then the other part realizes I will never be able to decide on just one color of lipstick (as referenced by motivational speaker Kelly Swanson’s blog Motivational Speaker’s Packing Day above)!

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