Lose the Resolution, Find a Mantra

mantraWhat I personally find funny about New Year’s resolutions is not that only 8% of those who make resolutions succeed. What I find amusing is that for the majority of us, we make the same exact resolution(s) every year. So for 2014, rather than attempting the same behavioral change yet again, why not change your strategy and adopt a mantra instead? For example, rather than choosing to lose those stubborn 10 to 20 pounds, when you enter your kitchen, a restaurant or your workplace cafeteria, say to yourself, “ I trust myself to make healthy choices.” If you’re like me with many trips to the kitchen, that’s many mantras being ingested.

Along those lines, many of us vow to exercise more. If that’s one of your goals, every time you even think about going to the gym, your mantra could be, “I live a long, healthy life.”

Maybe each year you set the grand goal of reducing your work-related stress. This can seem especially daunting when you return to your desk after a quick bathroom break to be greeted by your anxious-looking boss standing over your desk, and 73 new emails in your inbox. Rather than go into stress mode, take a deep breath and think, “I keep calm and carry on.” In fact, breathe and recite this mantra every time you sit down in front of your computer.

Rather than set yourself up to be among the 92% who fail to follow through on their New Year’s Resolutions, let a mantra move you closer to making the change you desire this year.


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  1. Yes, Colette! I'm a big believer in the power of repeating any empowering phrase over and over to create lasting change. I guess many motivational speakers talk about it, but I have found personally that I can calm myself down in a nano-second with my "Stress Mantra." I also lost and kept off about 10 pounds for several years with the following one: "I eat healthy, lean, nourishing food." When I was in airports traveling so much, I used this a LOT – and found myself making some REALLY good food choices!

  2. I love this idea of Mantras.  Like most motivational speakers, I too talk about resolutions, and setting goals.  I like the Mantras idea – I could use some good ones right about now!  I am on a positive path of healthy steps…I am on a positive path of healthy steps…..

  3. This is a golden idea just in the nick of time, Colette!  I'm presenting a Resolution Solution class at the local YMCA tomorrow and your fitness mantra fits right in with my message of Long Range health goals! This is why our motivational speaker blogs are so valuable.  We help each other!

  4. Colette, this is a great solution to resolution disillusion – and will help me enjoy "Jump Start January" as an opportunity to cleanse and clear, rather than think of it as denying myself wine and chocolate.  I am making powerful nutritional choices for a strong body and sharp mind!

  5. I never really understood New Year's resolutions. They should actually be quarterly. Also, resolutions, like politicians, should have term limits.

  6. Bingo! I agree that it's better to change a habit than create a new list of things to do. And I see a mantra like a habit. Thanks for the reminder! 

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