Look Mom! A rock! 8-year-old motivates the motivational speaker!

We travel ( A LOT ) and it takes us three times longer to get anywhere because my son has to look at and touch EVERYTHING. And it passed annoying about a thousand miles ago – somewhere between the moment he decided to see what the window tasted like, and the moment he decided to see how far he could shove that rock up his nose.

So when he yelled out at the rest station along the highway (Note to self: Jumbo slushy, bad idea) “Look Ma! A rock!” I was not in the least bit surprised. He had found yet one more way to hold us up. And then I looked over at him – sprawled on that big rock – his skinny white legs flailing in the air – rolling around like a pig in slop – and I just had to smile.

I would have walked right past that rock and never could have told you it was there. And there is my son, grinning at it like it’s a Christmas stocking, giving it a bear hug, and calling us to join him. I am convinced that he would have been happy to stay there for hours.

He’s forgotten about that rock. But I haven’t, thanks to this picture that serves as a constant reminder that every now and then, we need to stop and notice that rock.

Sometimes even motivational speakers need to be motivated.



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  1. This post rocks! Couldn’t help but say that and what a great reminder to stop, smell the roses and rock and roll.

  2. Oh wow.  GREAT GREAT GREAT reminder!!! I’ll call it – Stop and Smell the Rock. Same message. I love it that you are smart enough as parents, Bill and Kelly, to stop and NOTICE when he’s noticing.  Brilliant!


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