Listen to the Quiet

listen to the quiet“How come you never listen to music?” I asked my mother on the drive home from practice one night. “I prefer listening to the quiet,” she replied. As a 15-year-old teen who couldn’t wait to get home and blast my music, I silently thought, “I’ll never be like you.”

And then it happened. While driving home from the airport recently, I not only noticed the quiet but found it delicious.  In my car there was no screaming baby, repetitive airport announcement or loud cell phone talker letting everyone within 500 feet know about her latest antic. I heard my mother’s voice, “I prefer listening to the quiet,” and finally understood how ignorant I was so many years ago.  Not once had I taken into consideration Mom’s need for downtime after teaching 42 Chicago school children earlier that day, only to know she was returning home to start the second shift. If only I could have chosen compassion over judgment.

My daughter and I went to the gym yesterday and she drove. From the second her car turned over, the blasting music screamed out of every speaker. “I don’t recognize this artist,” I said. “That’s because you haven’t been driving with me lately and you’re always listening to those motivational tapes!” I wonder if she was thinking, “I’ll never be like you.” Little does she know…


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  1. Oh the cycles of life, right? Is it just that we, as motivational speakers, pay attention to these little lessons along the way?  I don't know. But I do know that I can truly relate to this post in a hundred different ways. We get so used to having some "noise" going on in our lives that we forget how delicious the quiet can be! Thanks for the reminder, Colette!

  2. I LOVE listening to the quiet. I never turn on music in the car. Unfortunately, there are so many voices talking in my head, that even then it isn't quiet.

  3. The numbing base beat of my exercise music, the clamour of pots and pans and people at Whole Foods and the constant TV background noise at home makes me CRAVE the quiet!  I just never put it into such lovely words as your mom did.  Love your observations in this post, Colette.

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