Lights! Camera! …

I love the idea of being prepared before you leap. Motivational speakers talk about the value of preparation all the time.  And that was one of the points made by my friends and colleagues, Colette Carlson and Kelly Swanson  in a recent blog discussion about old Fearless Felix who jumped out of a space shuttle.  He was VERY prepared for this historic jump.

But that got me to thinking. How many times do I prepare and prepare and PREPARE, and then….do nothing?

When a movie is being filmed, it is usually done by scenes. One scene at a time. The actors are rehearsed, the tech folks have everything in place in terms of sets, lights, make-up, etc and the director knows exactly what he is looking to accomplish with a particular scene.  And when he’s ready to roll camera, he yells one very important word:  ACTION!  Notice he does not yell, “And….think about it a little longer!”   He yells, “Action!”  That one powerful directive puts everything in motion toward the process of achieving a certain desired result.

It’s not just enough to know WHAT we want, or HOW we want to accomplish it, or WHO is going to help us – there comes a time when we just have to get into action.

And make no mistake, I can be one of the biggest procrastinators of all times!  Accordingly, I’ve discovered that the way for me to actually GET into action is to answer two questions:

1.  What will my life look and feel like when I accomplish this task/project? How will I and others benefit? How good will I feel?
2.  What will my life look and feel like when, once again, I say I’m going to do something and then I don’t?  How will I feel about myself?

Your answers may just motivate you to grab that director’s microphone and yell right out loud so that you and everyone else can hear you: “Lights! Camera! Action!”

From your motivational speaker, Linda Larsen, who teaches the things she needs to learn




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  1. Loved this, Linda. From another motivational speaker who teaches the things she needs to learn.

  2. I love how you said a director would never say “Ready?  Now THINK about what you’re going to do next!”  My whole office is filled with GREAT ideas that I’ve been thinking about implementing. Thanks for the reminder to take ACTION!!!!  You are so good at this my friend…blogging, speaking, inspiring…rock on sister!

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