Life is Over-flowing with Second Chances!

The Universe was DEFINITELY trying to tell me something. And when I didn’t get it the FIRST time, I was lovingly slammed with it again…

I had boarded a plane last week, the boarding door had been closed and the pilot made the announcement for everyone to turn off all cell phones and electronics. I noticed that the girl next to me had on head phones, was flipping through pages on her iPad, and her iPhone was still on.  After a few minutes, I kindly said, “The pilot just announced that we have to turn off our electronics now.”  She replied, “Oh I have them on airplane mode.”  I quickly responded, “I’m pretty sure that we actually have to turn them OFF.”  She smiled and said, “OK.”  And went back to flipping pages on the iPad.

Okay. I’m breathing now.  I’m focusing.  I’m asking for some guidance here.  The flight attendant then makes the announcement about turning everything off and again, she does nothing.  Now I’m starting to get a little (okay, a LOT) annoyed.  I get up and walk back a few rows to ask the flight attendant to personally tell this woman to turn off her crap.  (Whoops…stuff).  She does make the request again, walks away and, of COURSE, the woman does NOT turn anything off.  I look at her and she says, “Oh I turned it off.”

Now I didn’t SEE her turn it off,  but I took a deep breathe and tried very hard to let it go.  At which point, her cell phone rang.  You heard me right – it rang.  I didn’t look at her, I just dropped my head, gritted my teeth and struggled with what to do next.  I did nothing.

The NEXT day I’m on a plane BACK to Sarasota, and wouldn’t you know it, upon landing the guy across the aisle from me WOULD NOT TURN OFF HIS cell phone, DVD player and headphones when instructed to do so!  The guy behind him said, “Hey, %$#@, what part of ‘turn off your electronics’ don’t you understand.”  The offending idiot (whoops again…man) mumbled, “There is NO need to turn off anything!” And he kept right on watching his movie.

I turned to him, actually quite calmly and said, “Sir, it may be really pointless to turn off electronics on take-off and landing. Having them on may actually do nothing to hamper the pilots’ electronics.  But until I get a definitive answer on that one, I’m going to ask you to please turn everything off.”

He paused, looked at me for a long moment and then said, “Okay.”  And he turned everything off.

Moral of the story:  It’s GREAT when you get something right the first time, but if you don’t, more than likely you will get a second chance.

From your motivational speaker, Linda Larsen, just flying along getting it right sometimes – and not-so-right other times


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  1. That’s a great honey vs. vinegar story, and a great example of how some individuals think that they are above the rules. Makes me want to break out Aesop’s Fables and beat them over the head with it. Sorry, travel can make me so cranky.

  2. I was the guilty one last week on a flight with my headphones on and the guy next to me said the announcement was made.  I really was out of it, in my own little world and immediately turned my stuff off once I realized what was happening. Some people follow their own set of rules, don’t they Linda?  I think you handled yourself with grace as usual.  There are those out there that no matter how tactful we are they just don’t or won’t get it.  And, unfortunately, we have to sit next to them on planes!!

  3. You go girl! Brilliant as usual. And it’s great to hear that even super positive people like you have your moments! 

  4. Linda, I appreciate you speaking your truth rather than speaking your mind (big difference) like the guy who was direct, but lacking tact. I’m all for installing seat zappers that “zap” those who feel their above the rule. Even if I get zapped in the future for not staying in my seat when the fasten seat-belt sign is on. Hey, when a gal who loaded up on a Venti Starbucks at 5 am prior to getting on the flight has to go, she has to go. From your can’t hold it anyone longer motivational speaker.

  5. Thanks Linda… as someone who occasionally gets a little annoyed when I get asked to turn my kindle off before takeoff and landing… I’ve learned to stop myself from being a j@cka$$ by quickly moving from the self righteous “This is silly… I’ve accidentally left it turned ‘on’ before and nothing’s happened…” conversation with myself to “What if I’m wrong and it actually does make a difference?” Usually at that point my sense of self preservation kicks in and rather than being annoyed, I start scanning the nearby passengers for opportunities to assist the flight-crew. Not just because I’d like for the plane to take off/land safely and us all to live or because I want to help them out… also because I’m usually feeling a little embarrassed at this point and seeking redemption… odds are, if I was caught up in the arrogant “I know what’s best… it’s all about me…” narrative then, I’ve probably been showing up as an arrogant jerk in my life and my interactions elsewhere.  

    If I may… on behalf of all the airline folk who will  be interacting with me this week… “thank you!”

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