Left… Left… Left, right, left!

One by one the group stood and shared their life story.  It was a day-long team building workshop for a client in Chicago, and without exception I was surprised and delighted by each one.  As a motivational speaker, this surprise and delight is of the great joys of my job!

Motivational Speaker Tami Evans

This was a group of extremely intelligent, highly educated and vastly experienced scientists working for a marketing company as content experts.   As a group, they were not considered by the rest of the company as “creative”, however, as each story unfolded, I learned of backgrounds filled with music, art and theatre as well as travel, celebrations, heartache, tough choices, awards and dreams.  They had HEAPS of creativity in their lives, as well as intellect and natural leadership skills, and were brimming with ideas of how to best market their products.

By the end of the day we had a plan for them to help represent themselves as complex contributors in the creative process.  They were excited to become engaged with their right brain counterparts, and will undoubtedly offer some exceptional ideas for future campaigns.

Every time I have the opportunity to talk to someone, really talk to someone, and engage in a discovery of what makes them unique, I realize that we are such rich and multifaceted creatures. 

Is there someone in your life you have put a in a box?  The next time you are looking for a creative idea, I encourage you to reach out to those people in your life that may not seem like the natural choice for input – those who may view life in an entirely different way from you. 

If you take the time to let them know what you are looking for and engage in a dialogue about what their ideas are, I think you will be thrilled with the outcome!


Motivational Speaker Tami Evans shares her energy, passion and humor to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. Recently appearing on The Dr. Oz Show (where she taught him to chair dance) Tami lives her belief that laughter is a vital part of learning. Her entertainment-based content celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence and busts stress! To book motivational speaker Tami Evans: 646-479-6686 http://www.TamiEvans.com

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  1. Oh, Tami, I love this. I am often trying to pull people out of the box I have put them in. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that people are never what they seem.  Awesome. Can't wait to share.

  2. Your story makes me wish I could be in the room with you watching you so playfully and elegantly bringing out these individuals' creative juices! What a gift you gave, and a gift to remind me to seek input from someone I may not otherwise.

  3. This is such brilliant advice!  I'll bet all those people felt so wonderful to be sharing a side of themselves that they rarely get to show in their careers.  Bravo, Tami! This blog requires a sticky note on my car dashboard as I head out into the world!

  4. Wow – really, really GREAT advice to one who can easily fall into that trap of prejudging someone just because of their title, their job or what they look like. Thanks for the wonderful reminder to connect, engage, ask questions and LISTEN! Great, Tami. Just great.

  5. I'm with Colette on this one – I wish I were in the audience as well getting all my creative juices flowing!!!  Thanks for sharing this Tami!

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