Leaders – please Educate not just Train!

There is a difference between training your employees on what to do vs. educating them on why they need to do what they do.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of training going on and not so much educating.  Case in point.  I made a 6:00 reservation for dinner for 4.  When dining in Las Vegas, 6:00 is relatively early so I didn’t see a huge problem when one guest in my party called me asking if it would be okay to add a 5th person to the reservation.  I always think the more the merrier, so of course.  When Frenchie and I arrived at the restaurant, we noticed several empty tables that could indeed accommodate 5 people.  My friend was talking to the hostess explaining that we did have a reservation for 4 and if it were okay to just add a 5th.  She is in the restaurant/foodservice industry so I was confident that she was asking appropriately – especially since there were so many empty tables.  Well, we weren’t able to get a table for 5.  Not without waiting another 35 minutes or so.  We decided to move a couple of tables together in the bar (with permission) so we could be seated right away.  Now, here’s the reason why this little situation warrants a blog.  The hostess was clearly trained on what to do but not educated on why she is instructed to do what she does.  You see, when my friend asked to change our reservation and hostess said no, my friend pointed to all the empty tables that could have accommodated us.  The answer she got, (prepare yourself, you’re about to roll your eyes or shake your head) was ‘Those tables are for our walk-in parties that don’t have reservations.”  Oh, I’m laughing as I am writing this!  My very clever friend then suggested an alternative.  “Okay.  Can you cancel our reservation and treat us as a walk-in group of five and seat us right away?”  Makes sense to me.

We ate in the bar.

Note to self – whenever I’m speaking to a group of trainers, managers, and leaders, I’ll remind them to educated their people!

From your always surprised at the lack of education given to the person who sees the customers the most motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. LOL! What a wonderful gift this hostess gave you in the form of an incredible story for another one of your tasty motivational speeches!

  2. VERY good point, Marilyn!!  And a GREAT example of how the “why” to do something can be REALLY important to know!  I think your blog needs to go in the International Foodservice Blog (not that there IS one – but there SHOULD be!)  Thanks for sharing this one!

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