Laughing At Change

I was reading an interview (link below) with Brad Montgomery about his take on laughing at change. And it is so true. Once again, that age old truth pops up – that it’s not the obstacle that takes us down, but how we choose to react to it. As a motivational speaker I get tired of saying it – and I’m sure you get tired of hearing it. But still its truth can not be denied, added to, changed, or taken away. No matter what your situation/change/obstacle/endeavor/dream – it still comes down to that moment (or series of moments) where you have a choice – to choose joy or not. To choose to laugh or to cry. To choose to quit or keep going. To choose faith, or reject it. To choose to let this make you or break you.

Our lives are made up of a series of situations that we couldn’t control – and a series of situations that were defined by the very choices we made. What will you choose in this moment?



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  1. That’s a great article about change.  Brad is so funny – waiting for the serious side of his life to begin!  But, did he really have to move to Mexico to experience change? :)  

  2. You are right Marilyn – we can experience change without ever leaving our house? Shoot – just put me in front of the refrigerator!

  3. I always find it very interesting that motivational speakers really are all saying the same thing, in different ways, with different stories and different styles, but the message is loud and clear.  We have so much power in our lives to create what we want in our life, don’t we?

  4. I would love to hear Brad speak after reading his interview!  I like to think that I take the positive fork in the road most of the time, and the more I consciously make that choice the easier it gets.  It’s also easier for me to notice the choices that people around me make between positive and negative and that serves as a reminder for me to choose the joy and laughter!  Thanks Kelly.

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