Keep Your Eye On The Ball

dsc_6028Don't Mistake Stress for Lack of Focus

At almost any given moment, somewhere in the world there is a father watching his son or daughter from the sidelines while yelling, "Keep your eye on the ball!" We all know what it means. Focus on the ball if you want to win the game. It is timeless advice. Not just on the field, but off.

Whenever I fall into those moments when I'm overwhelmed, anxious, or bitter – when I see my sales dropping and I'm not getting much done in a day – it often comes back to one simple reason. I took my eye off the ball.

When my nutrition plan fails, it's because I stopped working the plan. When I get upset because somebody got a better gig than me – I've lost focus on what matters. When I find myself spending hours on Facebook jumping in to mindless discussions, it's a sign I've dropped the ball. When you're an entrepreneur like me, running a hundred different tasks at once, focus is critical to longevity and success.  It starts with having a solid business plan that you trust to get you through the next year, and making a commitment to follow it.  Always.Just like diets, after a while we get distracted by those shiny objects and things that are so much more fun than work. We'd rather wring our hands over how somebody treated us, instead of just focusing on our task. We spend countless moments focusing on something that takes us away from what is important.

The hard cold truth is that we only have so many moments in a day when we are fresh and productive. These moments are precious. Next time you find yourself looking in another direction, just remember what's important to your business and your life. Put your head down and keep your eye on the ball.  



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