Juice for the Brain!

The latest research fromVanderbilt University shows that people who drink at least three glasses of juice a week are 76 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Liz Applegate says that polyphenols – plant chemicals in the skins of fruits & vegetables – seem to shed brain cells from age-related decay.  Applegate recommends this brain-building daily tonic:  a half-cup each of apple, pomegranate and cranberry juice.

While I am NO expert on health and wellness, and with all due respect to Dr. Applegate, that would be a LOT of sugar for me every day (even if it is fruit sugar).  So I would like to repeat a mantra I heard MANY times at the Optimum Health Institute where I go every year to cleanse, rejuvenate, revitalize and recalibrate:

Drink your veggies and eat your fruit.

For one thing, there is far less sugar in green leafy veggies.  Secondly, whipping those leafies up in my high powered Vitamix insures that all the cell walls are broken down and I’m getting ALL the nutrients.  I could chew kale for 3 days straight and never get all the goodies inside.  And if I HAVE to juice some fruit, I’ll add an apple to this green mixture to make it taste GREAT!!!

From your leafy lovin’ motivational speaker, Linda Larsen



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  1. Did you and Polly channel each other with health tips posted on the same day? As a motivational speaker who encourages others to make time for what is important, I applaud you for taking time off to cleanse, rejuvenate, revitalize and recalibrate. Juice on!

  2. I’m glad you brought up the Vitamixer, and the point that you make your own concoctions. My son’s pediatrician told me to NEVER give him processed juices – he said they are awful and full of harmful chemicals. His recommendation was to only give Will freshly made juices.
    Motivational speakers, as much if not more than other people, need to watch their nutrition and take care of their health. Between the endless travel and the stress of speaking, motivational speaking takes it’s toll on  the speaker. 

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