Judging American Idol Judges

Before you go judging this motivational speaker who teaches others not to judge (!), let me provide some context.

First off, I’ve been watching American Idol for over 9 seasons. Hey, when you have kids and you discover an age appropriate show combined with some raw entertainment, you’re in. My teenagers no longer join us on the couch, but my sweetheart DVRs American Idol, and we catch up when I’m in town. C’mon, we met in high school choir, so what do you expect?

What was my beef with the last show? Inconsistency! The judges didn’t walk their talk.

Background:  It was group night which meant that a bunch of hyped-up, nervous and talented singers had to choose a group and then collaborate on a song. Keep in mind the flu was going around and kids were dropping like flies (or at least heaving into plastic garbage bags or fainting). Randy, Steven and Jennifer announced to the groups that “You have to bring it every single time.” They let the kids know that stellar performances in the past weren’t going to help them go on. They needed to pull it out every performance to go on. And when many didn’t, they didn’t.

Until the group of four guys called “MIT” got up. They were pitchy, their harmony harmful, and one even forgot the words. And that’s when it happened. The judges agreed the four certainly didn’t bring it to their performance, but they let them go on based on history. What?!

Now I’m not saying the four didn’t have the talent to go on to the next round, but what I am saying is you can’t be inconsistent when you’re in charge. That’s when your employees, children, coworkers and others scream, “It’s not fair!” That’s when you make your word worthless. That’s when you make others feel like you’re playing favorites.

So what am I saying? Don’t say it unless you mean it. And then be consistent. It’s the only way to truly motivate a team or a family to believe in you, follow you and respect you. Speak Your Truth.


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  1. Right on Sister Motivational Speaker! And in terms of kids, that’s when they (I say justifiably) get ticked off and think, “Oh what the heck. It doesn’t matter what I do anyway so who cares?” What follows then can be a downward path to nowhere. As parents we SO have to watch this one. Thanks!!!

  2. Hey Collette –
    Good catch on the inconsistency of the judges. Inconsistency also applies to customer service. Frenchie took me out to a nice steakhouse to celebrate Valentine’s day. The atmosphere in the restaurant was great – rose pedals on the tables, lots of happy people and every couple got a plate of truffles and a rose for the lady when they left the restaurant. Every couple of course, but us. What did we do wrong? Our waiter, as soon as we paid our bill was ghost. Yes, I mean gone as in not even a whisper of his presence. That inconsistency doesn’t win customers’ repeat visits.

    Your fellow motivational speaker, Marilyn ‘about to write a blog on being dissed in a restaurant’, Sherman

  3. Inquiring minds need to know? Did Marilyn the motivational speaker speak her truth and ASK for her truffles?

  4. Right on ladies! It is our actions that get far more attention than our words. I’ve seen so many motivational speakers whose actions and words on stage are not in alignment with who they are as people. Double yuck. At least walk your talk while you’re still at the venue!!! I’m just saying.

    I heard someone say recently that you don’t invent your brand – that your brand is how you describe what you already do – what you promise and how you deliver on that promise. It’s consistency that gains us respect. The first time I didn’t follow through on my threat as a parent, was the last time I had complete control.

    I would bet that there are many times when what I preach isn’t how I act. I need to take a closer look at whether my actions back up the principles that I speak.

  5. For what it’s worth Kelly, this walk your talk motivational speaker said she was going to the gym yesterday and didn’t! I’m constantly catching myself when I don’t follow through (usually to myself but that’s another post) but awareness is the first step to all long-lasting change!

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