Jobs We Love To Hate

Motivational speakers are asked to come in and help people love their jobs – which is impossible, really. I can't make you love your job. The only thing I can tell you is that the choice to love it is yours to make. I just read this article on a guy who hated his job and took up acting. It is listed below if you want to read it later. This guy talked for three pages about how much he hated his job – describing everything about it and the people who made it unpleasant. And, as usual, I just have to give my two cents.

1. If you hate it so much – quit. Talking about it to anybody who will listen, is doing you no good – and in fact, probably making it worse. We get it, you hate your job. Do you have a right to hate it? You bet. Is your concern valid? Probably. Who cares? Quit.  Get another job. No, you might not find one. No, you might not get paid as much. Yes, you might land in one you hate more. That's the risk. Take it or don't. But if you've decided to stay – then quit belly aching and find a way to love it.

2. Yes, I said find a way to love it. Perception is everything. If you say work is miserable, you will be right. Every time.

3. If you want to quit – walk through the worst case scenarios. Can you handle it? Then go for it.

4. Now walk through the best case scenario. Visualize working at something you love. Is it worth the risk? Go for it.

5. You don't have to quit your job to bring excitement to your life.  It's not always a do or die situation. Find something that makes you feel alive – and do it at night, or on the weekends, or on your days off. Don't have time? Then make time. It doesn't have to be something that takes hours – it can be something that takes an hour. It's like falling in love – makes everything else in your life a little sweeter.

Don't tell me you're not smart enough, too broke, the economy sucks, or you just don't have the time to change your life. I'm a professional storyteller for gosh sakes – according to good advice I should have quit long ago.




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  1. Oh very very good, Kelly. I think people ARE discovering this truth, but it might very well be that as motivational speakers on how to live your absolute best life possible – we have a responsibility to not only spread this good word – but to live it as well.  And you are RIGHT! Who would have thought that someone could actually make a living as a story teller?  OR a motivational speaker, for that matter! But we did it – we gave up the job that didn't make our little hearts sing and here we are!  

  2. Boy oh boy, your #2 is very, very, very true!  Perception is everything.  Your brain thinks you're the smartest person it knows and if you go to work every day expecting a problem then there will be problems all over the place!  I've been that person and it's not a fun position to be in.  Luckily wise words like yours got me out of that way of being and into the best job ever; a motivational speaker!

  3. Digging tip #5. Still remember a job I had one summer during college that was so boring I would go from department to department looking for extra work just to stay awake. Hated it. BUT I started a new dance class in the evenings that brought me incredible joy and made the day lovely. Not everyone can do what they love for employment, but you can do something you love every day. Great advice, Kelly.

  4. I'm digging all of 1-5!  Thanks for this – you are singing my song!  I remember having a contract with a company that was taking up my time, getting in the way of being a professional speaker, and my friend Jana Stanfield said 'Whose dream job are you occupying?'  Love the whole other spin on the topic!

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