It’s NEVER Too Late to Be a Cheerleader!

You know what some motivational speakers do?  They occasionally watch reality television shows to study the “human behavior factor.”  At least THIS motivational speaker does.  I believe there is a lot to be learned from watching real people performing in high stress, high stakes situations.

And no reality show illustrates what it takes to perform well under this kind of pressure better than American Idol.  Young people DESPERATELY wanting to fulfill their dream, pouring their hearts out, knowing they are being judged on everything from the quality of their voice to the size of their knee caps.

One of the contestants in this show demonstrates a quality that I think is STELLAR in this high competition arena.  They call him Jer-Bear and whenever someone else is performing and the camera cuts to him, he is cheering that performer on with every thing he’s got.  You can tell he genuinely, sincerely and PASSIONATELY wants that person to succeed. And his outpouring of love and support does NOT go unnoticed by Ryan Seacrest and the judges.  They LOVE him for that.

It turns out that America did not vote him into the top 10, but guess what?  When the judges got the chance to pull back 3 of the contestants who didn’t make it, they chose Jer-Bear.  Was he one of the BEST singers in the group?  I don’t know about that.  Were there others who were JUST as good as him who had also gotten the boot, and did NOT get asked back by the judges?  I believe there were.  But they chose Jer-Bear. And I suggest to you that it may well have been his cheerleader skills that got him this second chance.

I believe that all of us can find someone in our lives, every single day, who could use a cheerleader. Someone to believe in them, to applaud and cheer for them when they are taking a risk, trying something new and stepping out of their comfort zone.  I believe that just ONE person in the role of cheerleader, may make all the difference in the world for that person.

Who can you be a cheerleader for today?  Who needs to hear “You Rock! Yay you! Get on down with your bad self!”

Who?  Look around. Maybe it’s your son or spouse, your friend or mother, your co-worker or even your boss.  Someone needs YOU to pick up that pom pom and cheer them on.

From your leaping, hopping, cheering, happy motivational speaker, Linda Larsen



Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen, CSP has been described by meeting planners and audiences as "hysterically funny," and "riveting." Known for her ability to connect on an authentic and emotional level with audiences, her spontaneous sense of humor, and her engaging and powerful stories, Linda is passionate about sharing ideas to help people live their finest, best, and most productive lives. Her riveting and true story of being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by an escaped convict, and the strategies she used to escape, will give people the tools THEY need to rise above any of life's toughest challenges, to communicate more effectively with THEIR difficult person, and to find creative solutions to THEIR problems. To book motivational speaker, Linda Larsen: 941-927-4700

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  1. Linda, you’re a top cheerleader and motivational speaker. I’ve seen that time after time.

    I think your post uncovers an often overlooked truth. Nice guys finish first. For every person who makes it big through ruthlessness, I think there are ten “cheerleaders” that go to the top. And the “cheerleader” also stays on top. My dad always said the ruthless person has to face the people they screwed on the way back down. And nobody tries to arrest their fall.

    Without a doubt, the “cheerleader” model should be adopted by every motivational speaker who wants success. 

  2. Yes, Linda, as a motivational speaker I know the beauty in being a cheerleader. And I am so thankful that you are my second best cheerleader – after my husband. Everybody in their life should have a Linda Larsen. They would certainly be blessed for it! And as much as I think it just pours out of you naturally, I know you work at it. And we should all work at it – not just leave it to others. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You certainly don’t have to be a motivational speaker to be one heck of a cheerleader! You are both Linda. And Bill, you are right. Nice guys do finish first. But then again, they are in an entirely different race.

  4. I was witness to a person working his butt off to perform well and keep up with his demands today.  First day in the position, by the way.  All the higher ups were so wrapped up in their own stuff that they didn’t notice his efforts.  At three separate and desperate moments for him I went over and acknowledged his work and offered help.  Such simple cheerleading on my part but a HUGE appreciation on his part.  It doesn’t always take blood, sweat and tears to be a cheerleader so just give even a little next time you see the need.  I speak with HUGE appreciation to you, Linda, for being such a phenomenal cheerleader for me!  You’re the best!

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